Reader: Comparing Obama administration to Nazis shows smarts, not schmuckiness

Tim Neville.
We love it when folks comment on older posts -- especially when their takes are timely. A case in point: A March 2012 item in which Patricia Calhoun deemed state Senator Tim Neville the Schmuck of the Week for likening the Obama administration to Nazis. One reader thinks this comparison suddenly makes a lot of sense.

kimbachan writes:

So Patricia...what do you think now? Still think there aren't some scary similarities to Hitler's Nazi regime? Silencing opposition...using the government (IRS) to target people and companies with dissenting views...tapping the AP and following reporters who uncover government scandals.... I could go on and on. This is the scariest US president in the history of this great nation!

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Whatever happened to the good old Republican mantra during the Patriot Act days?:  "If you haven't done anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about."


Oh what a sad and confused world kimbachan lives in. Watching Fox News all the time will do that. First, it's becoming increasingly clear the administation had little to do with these "scandals" and second these are the biggest non-scandals trumped up to be news in a while.

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