Orin Fryson, high-fashion photog, pleads guilty to indecent exposure and masturbation at DU

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Big photos below.
There's a huge disconnect between the images shared online by Orin Fryson and news of his assorted arrests and guilty pleas.

The former portray him as a super-hot photographer whose striking images of gorgeous women are undeniably eye-popping. The latter depicts busts for indecent exposure and masturbation at assorted Denver-area colleges, with the likelihood of jail time when he's sentenced in July. Photos and details below.

Fryson's personal Facebook page spotlights a slew of photos that capture his becoming smile....

orin.fryson.2.jpg well as his washboard abs....

...and very commercial look:

Also on view are assorted shots of female models, presumably taken by him under the auspices of an operation called Mile High Models, whose Facebook profile pic and accompanying logo are identical to the one seen on his own page.

His last images appeared in September 2012 -- the same month when posts on Fryson's page and that of Mile High Models abruptly end. Why? Perhaps because that's around when he was arrested at the University of Denver after allegedly masturbating in front of the campus' Centennial Halls -- an act reported by a witness and apparently captured on security cameras.

According to the DU Clarion, the university's newspaper, this was not a first offense. When he was booked on the DU incident, he's said to have had another, similar charge at Arapahoe Community College and two more at Metro State.

The Clarion cites court records revealing that Fryson has now pleaded guilty to three indecent-exposure-and-masturbation counts (a fourth was dropped). Each reportedly carries a sentence ranging between six and eighteen months in jail and fines of from $500 to $5,000.

That's not a pretty picture.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa 2011: "Kyle Horning busted for indecent exposure and burglary after walking in naked on 10-year-old."

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Candie Bernard
Candie Bernard

Gross. He should have to register as a sex offender so he will be supervised in the community (since my guess is he will serve very little time).

John Dalby
John Dalby

Playing a little Devil's Advocate- 6 months minimum for jerking off on a college campus? I bet if you beat the shit out of someone at a bar you'd get less time. Which is worse. I'd bet the dude with his pants down would be easier to subdue... ;-)

MissMama Tessa
MissMama Tessa

What makes people do this bizarre shit?! Surely buddy can get pussy! lol

Chad Hill
Chad Hill

Is a dude. Lol was that a general admission or a specific incident?

Jean Hawk
Jean Hawk

Now we know why he takes the photos he does. What a loser.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

@ericsmiles2 Not to defend his actions at all, but you know that it costs $40,000+ of taxpayer money to incarcerate one prisoner for one year?

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