Video: Bill Dau beating an example of police brutality, lawyer says

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Photos, video below.
The Denver Police Department is no stranger to accusations of excessive force. Witness the long-running sagas of Alex Landau, Michael DeHerrera and the four women at the center of the Denver Diner case.

The latest story in this category involves Bill Dau, the owner of a local gas station. An official document accuses him of assaulting officers who tried to take him into custody, but attorney David Lane sees Dau as a victim, and believes video on view below proves it.

A police report about the May 9 incident (initially covered by 9News) maintains that officers arrived at the business after a man claimed Dau had retaliated against him for cashing a bogus $983 money order. According to the man, Dau seized and cashed his $855 paycheck and confiscated his ID, which the owner said he'd return only if he received another $150.

After the officers arrived, the report contends that Dau, faced with a bust on suspicion of theft, extortion and criminal impersonation, tried to escape and then barricade himself in an adjacent office -- and when they grabbed him, he physically resisted arrest. Hence, a charge of second-degree assault on a police officer.

This encounter was captured on a surveillance camera, and Joe Sandoval, a criminal justice professor at Metropolitan State University consulted by 9News, does indeed see indications of resistance from Dau. But he also thinks some blows struck by an officer were unnecessary.

A screen capture from the video, on view below.
As for attorney Lane, he depicts Dau as an innocent victim of officers out of control. Here's his account.

"Bill Dau is an immigrant from Vietnam," Lane notes. "He's been here for 35 years, and he's a real American success story. He worked and scrimped and saved, and he's been a law-abiding citizen who's never had a lick of trouble, ever."

In advance of the May 9 police encounter, Lane says, "this guy tried to cash a bad money order at Bill Dau's gas station. He was a longtime customer, so they cashed it, and after they cashed it, they realized, 'This is no good' -- but the guy was gone.

"He came back a few days later and said, 'Gee, I'll make it up to you.' So he was paying cash to make it up, but he was still short. Then he turns the tables on Bill: He calls the cops and says, 'Bill Dau's ripping me off.' And the cops come out to question Bill.

"The cops say, 'We want to talk to you about this incident where this guy's claiming you ripped him off,' and Bill's explaining what happened to the police. But even though he's been here for 35 years, he doesn't speak English that well -- and he wants to talk to his lawyer. So he starts to walk into the back office, and as he's walking, this one cop shoves his wife into a magazine rack, which shows their state of mind. They think they can treat people like dirt for no reason."

Continue for more about the Bill Dau incident, including a video.

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I guess I see this differently. First of all, Mr Dau made the mistake of not complying with  the officers' request to speak with them! Reality check: when a policeman tells you to stop what you are doing and come speak to them and you refuse and start walking away, you are creating a situation where you just might get roughed up and thrown down  by the cops especially if you refuse to allow them to cuff you; may not be right but that is reality. They aren't going to suddenly just change their mind about cuffing you just because you protest! "Oh, oh OK! Since you say so, we decided to just let you go!"' Can't blame the officer for doing what he is trained to and instructed to do. 

Second of all, Mr Dau disobeying them and then heading into a back room was his biggest mistake! These officers didn't know if he was going to go get a weapon to use on them, so they did what they are trained to do; subdue him before he has the chance to reach for something! If they can't see your hands, that is not a good thing for them or especially YOU! LET THEM SEE YOUR HANDS FOR YOUR OWN SAKE! Third of all, if you interfere with an officer trying to make an arrest you just might get shoved out of the way or worse! If they insist on arresting you, let them arrest you and go to court and fight them there!

I was no angel by any means growing up and had plenty of contact with the police. I was never roughed up by them because you know why?  I did what they told me to do! They weren't always polite and professional but I knew if I responded back in kind I was only going to come out the loser! Sucks but that is reality! There were times when they took the cuffs off of me and let me go because I was truthful, respectful with them, didn't resist and wasn't acting like I had anything to hide and most of all; I never tried fighting them when I knew they were adamant and about putting the cuffs on me! Street-smarts not only include knowing how to deal with gangbangers and thugs but it also knowing how to deal with the cops. Sucks but that is the reality! Deal with it and get over it!
Mr Dau, had he stopped and explained his side of the story, would have saved himself a lot of grief and probably would  had won the favor of the policeman over the favor of the complainant.  


It is indeed these types of incidents that turn the public against those suppossedly sworn to protect them.  We need to work on making the police more liable in violence cases.  That and remove the ability of the Police Department to pay the civil costs of officers in these cases.  When these start coming out of pocket, I would hope they would be smart enough to stop at least some of the ridiculously absurd violence.  Those that don't get it, well, Darwinism should thin out the idiots.


....and people STILL have the audacity to point a nasty,  accusing finger towards me,  when I applaud LOUDLY,  following the death of a lying, murdering, police officer !

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

*** Family of man shot Pleased with Officer's Suicide ***

DANBURY, Conn.—The mother of a man killed by a New Milford police officer more than a decade ago said she's glad the man who shot her son committed suicide last week.

Scott Smith was found dead in a bedroom of his Danbury home of carbon monoxide poisoning. He received probation after pleading no contest in 2004 to a misdemeanor negligent homicide charge in the death of 19-year-old Franklyn Reid, who was shot after a foot chase.

......... One down ... so many THOUSANDS to go!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

So a CRIMINAL defrauds Dau with a bogus $983 money order, and the worthless lowlife violent Neanderthals with badges and guns brutally arrest Dau and not the criminal check fraudster?


Too bad we can't 'put down' PROVEN, aggressive police officers .

I dislike, HATE cops more than they do themselves ! Which is no easy feat ....


Denver police never de-escalate: they always make the decision to attack. DPD are more dangerous than a pack of wild pitbulls on Viagra.

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