Rape prosecution story: Denver DA, 7News trade inaccuracy charges

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A graphic from 7News' story.
After the "Setting the Record Straight" item surfaced, 7News and the CALL7 investigative unit responded with one of its own, point by point. Regarding the revelation that cases aren't excluded from submission to the DA's office even if there's no physical evidence, etc., the station replies like so:
CALL7 Investigators took this information into account in the story and asked Denver police if they bring all cases to prosecutors. On 1/31/13, DPD PIO Sonny Jackson stated in an e-mail: "Regarding the Sex Assault cases, there are a number of reasons a case would not be presented to the DA for prosecution, including instances where the victim does not cooperate or where there is no sufficient information to identify a suspect."
We've included that e-mail below, as well as another series of communications intended to debunk the accusation that 7News asked to speak with Morrissey five months before the alleged ambush, with nothing in-between. Here's the 7News narrative on that topic:
Through numerous calls and e-mails during the last five months we have sought interviews from the DA. Requests began on January 8, 2013 and continued via phone calls and e-mails through April 26. We met with DA spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough and Chief Deputy Lamar Sims in person Jan. 14, 2013, again asking for an interview with DA Morrissey and being told he would not do an interview. We even asked for DA Morrissey's calendar in February to find a public meeting where we could interview him.
Rabon interviews "Michelle," whose sexual assault case wasn't initially pursued.
The rebuttals conclude with a very different take on the DA's office contention that the aforementioned Michelle case was reopened "after CALL7 investigators started asking questions:"
Michelle's case was opened in April 2011, and she was informed in April 2012 by DPD that it had been closed because the DA refused to prosecute.

When CALL7 Investigators requested her case file March 25, 2013, DPD initially responded that they needed a release from the victim's attorney, which he provided. Later, DPD responded that her case had been reopened and refused to provide even a redacted version of the report.

Michelle contends that police were aware of her witness since the initial filing of her report.

Also, CALL7 Investigators make no reference to causality in the above statement (as authorities refused to discuss the case and why it was reopened), but we reported accurately that it was reopened after we started asking questions in the case.

At this point, there appears to be no common ground between the station and Morrissey's office over their assorted disputes. But the fact that the exchange is taking place publicly, rather than behind closed doors, is a positive development. More viewpoints are better, even (or perhaps especially) when they're diametrically opposed.

Look below to see a Denver Channel 8 broadcast about the filing process, featuring Morrissey and Chief Deputy District Attorney Lamar Sims; it was shared in the "Setting the Record Straight" release. That's followed by the e-mails provided by 7News and our previous coverage.

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Interview Request E-Mails

Sonny Jackson E-Mail

Continue for our previous coverage of the sex-assault prosecution rates, including photos and videos.

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