Photos: Road and lane closures, traffic alerts after yesterday's snowstorm

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Graphics below.
As longtime Coloradans know, the day after a storm is often as challenging from a driving perspective, if not more so, than when the snow is actually falling, because some people insist on believing that everything is back to normal even when road conditions are still deceptively crappy. With that in mind, we've collected the latest warnings, lane closures, restrictions and info from the Colorado Department of Transportation, to help you get where you're going this morning safely and in the least amount of time. We hope.

Most of the problems right now appear to be in outlying areas. For instance, here's a CDOT shot from I-70 at Georgetown circa 5:12 a.m.:

This is I-70 at Genesee circa 5:14 a.m.....

And here's I-70 and Beaverbrook from the same time:

There are also some ongoing restrictions and closures. An example of the former refers to Glenwood Canyon, as seen in this map:
And here are two more maps depicting weather-related closures. The first pertains to I-70 eastbound en route to Kansas....
...and the second is about Loveland Pass:
Pretty much all the highways surrounding the metro area are wet with icy spots right now, as shown in this graphic:

Having just driven in to downtown Denver from the west, I can tell you the streets in the city are not bad at all right now -- but closer to the foothills, there's black ice aplenty. As for spots to avoid, there's this, courtesy of CDOT's Twitter feed....

...and another highway to be aware of according to the Aurora Police Department. It was tweeted last night but serves as a warning for the morning commute:

As a bonus, here is CDOT's latest statewide list of road conditions:

Colorado Department of Transportation: Road Conditions May 2, 2013

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James Mundy
James Mundy

If 285 holds true to form, when I head home this AM it may very well be the skating rink I've come to love it for! (Yes, that was a touch sarcastic.)

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