Video: Denver police kill man who'd held gun to his head -- suicide by cop?

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Photos, video below.
The phrase "suicide by cop" remains in the common lexicon because incidents that seem to fall under it happen on a fairly regular basis. This 2010 post and another from 2011 are cases in point.

Something similar happened last night on the 2600 block of Federal -- and chillingly, some of the interactions between a man holding a gun to his head and officers who'd wind up shooting and killing him was caught on video. See it and more below.
The DPD arrived at the scene in force.
First word of the tragic confrontation came from the Denver Police Department's Twitter feed, in the following two-part message:

As noted by 9News, a neighbor grabbed video of the man, who can be seen standing in the middle of the street with a gun to his head while facing down Denver cops and firefighters.

Non-lethal force is said to have been used in an attempt to subdue him, but this tactic was unsuccessful. As seen in the clip, the man eventually jogged away from police toward a house, still holding the gun.
The man dashing away from officers.
After the man disappeared from view on the video, he's said to have threatened a firefighter -- at which point police opened fire. The result is described in this followup tweet:

Hard to know at this point if the man's actions were intended to goad police into ending his life for him or if events simply spiraled out of control. But one thing's certain: The circumstances of his death will linger in the memories of those on the scene for a long time to come.

Here's the 9News report.

More from our News archive circa 2011: "Suicide by cop? Denver cop shoots man who attacked squad car with hammer (VIDEO)."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... That'll teach people to think twice before they attempt suicide.


Justice WAS served !

The officer will be receiving an award once he returns from 'paid leave' .

He can sit in his fav cop bar and brag for the next cpl of weeks, while he awaits his return to 'work' .

OR they can CLAIM the deceased was the '420 Shooter' !

Case closed ......


From Responding to Persons with Mental Illness: contributing writer, Abigail S. Tucker, Psy.D., program manager for the Justice Program at Community Reach Center, Thornton, CO. "The trend toward deinstitutionalization between the 1960s and 1980s contributed to the increased contact between and individuals with mental illness" suggests developing CIT Crisis Intervention Teams such as Memphis Model, collaborative framework for response. "Even more tragic is the increase in police-assisted suicide, as defined by POST Police Officer Standards and Training...Research shows that significant number of people committing this act have some form of mental illness."..."training is crucial"...

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