Photos: Ten best cities for allergy sufferers -- and the nine that topped Denver

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Big photos below.
The folks at the Asthma and Allergies Foundation of America recently ranked 100 cities in terms of how good, or bad, they are for residents with allergies. The worst was Jackson, Mississippi, while Denver placed in the ten best cities -- at number ten.

That means nine cities ranked higher than the Mile High City. Count them down below, along with graphics and stats from the report that will give those of us hacking and sneezing in D-Town a better sense of where conditions might help us to breathe a little easier.

First, here's a key to help you interpret the graphics below:

And now, on with the countdown:

Number 10: Denver



Number 9: Stockton, California


Continue to keep counting down the ten best cities for allergy sufferers -- and the nine that topped Denver.

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Élan Sprouse
Élan Sprouse

Moved to the mountains from the east coast a couple years. I've lived in MD, VA, FL, NC and CT, and my allergies back east (especially FL) were many times worse than what I've experienced here.

Ed Haas
Ed Haas

Moved here from Ohio a little over a year ago, and my allergies haven't been this bad in ages. Thinking its a mixture of pollen I'm not used to perhaps? I use a few things to keep it all somewhat in check, but yeah, it's bad in Denver.

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