Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of April 2013

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Big photos below.
It's a good indication that a month included some memorable mug shots if one of them features a guy (James Lohr) who's shaved off his eyebrows and replaced them with tattoos of the words "HARD" and "LUCK."

But if this particular image stands out, plenty of others from our April crime coverage will catch your eye.

Check them out below, and be sure to click on their names or the accompanying links to see the original posts.

joshua stevens mug shot.JPG
Joshua Stevens.
Read more in "Joshua Stevens killed after busting into home of deputy, prosecutor."

richard howard craft mug shot.jpg
Richard Howard Craft.
Read more in "Richard Howard Craft, ex-pastor and current schmuck, sentenced for child porn."

jose guadalupe luna mug shot.jpg
Jose Guadalupe Luna.
Read more in "Jose Guadalupe Luna, deputy, gets DUI bust -- and bloody mug shot."

nathan beechley mug shot.jpg
Nathan Beechley.
Read more in "Photos: Nathan Beechley, busted in hit-and-run that killed Jonathan Lewis, is ex-DPS staffer."

Continue for more of April 2013's most memorable mug shots.

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