Photos: Badass Aurora cops during the '70s

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Big photos below.
Last month, we offered up "Badass Aurora cops during the '80s," based on some amazing, vintage shots newly shared by the Aurora Police Department on its Facebook page.

Now, the APD has done it again, rounding up vivid images from the previous decade, when cop dramas from The New Centurions to Serpico were captivating the nation's moviegoers -- and these pics fit right in. Check them out below, complete with captions and credit info from the department.

"K-9 training in 1976. Credit: Denver Post."

"Mrs. Lorraine Denisuk operates a teletype device which is used to keep the Aurora Police Department in contact with the network of national law enforcement. From the Denver Post in 1971. "

"1974: The Police Department purchased a Bell 47 helicopter for $14,000 of which $7,000 was donated by the community and created the Aviation Support Unit. It flew the entire metro area for about three years and was finally taken out of service due to high operating costs. During 1975 the unit flew 610 accident free hours. It was instrumental in the recovery of property, apprehension of suspects, and even assisted a commercial airliner when it thought it was having landing gear problems on approach to Stapleton Airport. The Chief pilot was Patrolman Kenneth Petersen who was assisted by Patrolman Frank Troester, Patrolman Don Poor and Patrolman Tom Lancaster."

"Patrolman Bill Cox "zaps" a passing vehicle. Cox says Aurora radar guns are accurate within one mile per hour. From the Denver Post, 1977."
Continue for more photos of badass Aurora cops during the '70s.

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Nice helicopter! I don't think any Colorado police have their own chopper anymore, just news channels. In Cali, you can't go 4 hours without seeing johnny law in the sky.


Police officers :

America's TRUE niggers !!!


Aren't there any dead cop photos to enjoy ????

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Michael "fluffer" Roberts apparently has a fetish for Uniformed Cops who look like Gay Porn stars

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Monkey ... Boulder had one ... until the idiot cop pilot crashed it while showing off to the female secretaries at the police station.



Hotay don't ! 

Let Michael come 'out' in a revealing article as if anyone wondered OR cares .....

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