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Over the years, Denver has generated a wide variety of memorable television commercials. But until recent years, spots tended to live on only in memory -- like the Tree Farm jingle ("Take I-25 to exit 235, and five miles west to the Tree Farm") that was impossible to forget no matter how hard viewers may have tried.

Now, however, YouTube is a treasure trove of old and new Denver ads.

Look below to see our ten favorites.

Number 10: Law Tigers

Nothing like an attorneys office with its own mascot. While most lawyers take the easy route and brand their firms with people's last names, the Law Tigers have successfully given a face to motorcycle injury specialists. Contrary to the popular belief that "bikers" are a rough and tumble sort, the Law Tigers portray them as no different from you and me. Needless to say, these Colorado injury lawyers ride -- and they have your back.

Number 9: Frank Azar, The Strong Arm

Azar's nickname is the sort of thing usually reserved for WWE Wrestlers, not lawyers. This 2012 commercial stresses that Azar isn't the sort of guy who'll let "the big insurance companies push him around" and encourages anyone in trouble to "call in the attorney with the bat." Don't let his intimidating appearance fool you. Think of him as a big teddy bear attorney with a pencil-thin mustache that says "I get people what they deserve -- but I also like to party."

Number 8: John Elway Dealerships

After John Elway won two Broncos Super Bowls, and before he became part of team management, he focused on what most retired football stars do -- selling new and used cars. No one can forget the Ghostbusters-inspired chant, "Who you gonna call?!? JOHN ELWAY!" While watching these ads, most people weren't wondering about whether Elway would come out of retirement or his conservative political views. Instead, they were thinking, "If John Elway drives a 2002 Chevy Silverado, I want to drive a 2002 Chevy Silverado." That's winning the hearts and minds of Denverites one used or pre-owned vehicle at a time.

Continue to see more memorable Denver commercials.

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It wasn't even the good lodge casino commercial.. I hate this list


It's a top ten list folks. Relax.

Anybody remember: "Come to the parTEE! Maricella's night cub!"

Davin Koistinen
Davin Koistinen

I still have nightmares about the Big Sur waterbed commercials..


Another major screwed up top 10 list.  Nothing about the all  about  commercials from ROCKY'S AUTO

John Twigg
John Twigg

how can you leave out the Pleasures Dudes and Norton Frickey? And What about Rocky's??

Dave Mayer
Dave Mayer

"We've got crab legs! SEA GALLEY!"


It MUST be quite discouraging learning NO ONE read or has commented on your attempt at writing . Do you NOT realize WW's biggest fault is their obsession w/ top 10 lists ???!!! Might I suggest following Alan's example & NOT Micheal's ??? It's merely a suggestion ...... 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Doug Hubka ... "Machine Gun" Rocky

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