Photos: Five best and worst cities to work for a small business in -- and which list Denver tops

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Last month, compiled a list of the ten worst travel cities for summer 2013 that didn't feature Denver -- because it was deemed the finest.

Now, the company has ranked the best -- and worst -- cities to work for a small business in, and Denver's is number one again. But of which list? Find out below, where we feature the top five in each category, complete with photos and text from Cardhub. Let the countdown begin.

Fifth best: San Francisco
San Francisco has long been recognized as a bastion for entrepreneurial spirit, and the Bay Area now boasts the 6th most small businesses per capita, ranks 5th in terms of both small business vitality and net small business job growth, and offers the 2nd highest wages to new hires. The city also recently upped the ante in welcoming start-ups, establishing an Emerging Business Loan Fund which enables qualified businesses to "apply for a loan ranging from $50,000 to $1 million to cover operational, staffing, equipment, expansion, and real estate costs," according to the California Economic Summit website.

Fifth worst: Detroit
The Motor City was the epicenter for much of the economic strife during the Great Recession, and while bailouts breathed new life into the city's automotive industry, Detroit's small business community continues to be marred by low rankings in terms of small businesses per capita (22/30), small business vitality (28/30), net small business job growth (27/30), unemployment rate (29/30), new hire earnings (21/30), hours worked (24/30), and industry variety (26/30).
Continue to keep counting down the five best and worst cities to work for a small business in -- and which list Denver tops.

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