Photos: Chris "Birdman" Andersen championship bobblehead tattoo-free

Big photos and more below.
Last night, the Miami Heat won game seven of the NBA finals. That means former Nugget Chris "Birdman" Andersen earned himself a championship ring -- a remarkable turnaround for a man still under investigation a year after Internet Crimes Against Children personnel searched his Larkspur home -- and a commemorative bobblehead available for purchase at Not that it looks much like the Birdman today, since it's been scrubbed of all his tattoos. Here's a larger image of the ink-free collectible.

Yep, the skin on this version of Andersen is as unmarked as the day he was born, with even his trademark "Free Bird" neck tat missing in action. Moreover, his conehead hair and youthful physique make him look like the latest recruit to One Direction.

As noted by Yahoo! Sports, the bobblin' Birdman isn't cheap: It goes for $29.95. At that price, you'd think the manufacturer could have afforded to splash on a little more color.

For a more accurate look at Birdman's body art, check out the following from a collection of Chris Andersen memes we assembled last month.




Continue for more Chris "Birdman" Andersen memes.

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Do the ink-free arms turn you on Michael ? 

You sure like writing about the guy . 

Borderline man-crush/obsession ....

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