Photos: More Denver Now showcases of Denver businesses then -- in 1982

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Big photos below.
Back in March, we shared highlights from Denver Now, described as "Denver's Business Showcase" and published in 1982, during the height of the Dynasty era. But our previous post only featured a small number of the remarkable photographic flashbacks found within. For this sequel, we've collected ten more hilariously dated looks at local businesses -- some long gone, others still around but much changed.

Set the WAYBAC Machine for three decades ago and check out the results below.

The Broker

Unlike so many other businesses in Denver Now, The Broker restaurant, at 821 17th Street, remains very much a going concern, with its website boasting that it's been "an award-winning Denver tradition for over 35 years." Less likely to win plaudits are the outfits and hairstyles of this couple, who seem to be thinking, "Thank goodness someone else looks as ridiculous as I do!"

Denver Avalanche

Before there was the Colorado Avalanche, there was the Denver Avalanche -- an indoor soccer team. The text accompanying this groovy photo reads in part, "Denver fans have taken to the Avalanche, coming to games in great. numbers. This fan support is phenomenal for a team that has only existed since 1980." Well, maybe not all that phenomenal. After all, this Wikipedia page reveals that the Denver Avs folded in...1982.

Continue for more Denver Now showcases of Denver businesses then -- in 1982.

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Karen Trujillo
Karen Trujillo

Except for having 2 more children, I didn't like the 80's. Go w/ the reminders...sorry.


A small matter. I worked with the owner of the Denver Jean Company after he closed the store. He unfortunately died of cancer in the mid 1990's. leaving a wife and two children


It's as if the entire world fell into a brown and baby blue alternate dimension.  I know Reagan is credited with popularizing the brown suit in the 80's.  Perhaps there was a government mandated uniform I've never read about?


Oh no. You're not fooling me. I can see that photo of the "Aurora Mall" is really a portal into Bizarro Aurora Mall, where all the signs are mirror imaged and the clocks presumably run backwards! RUN!

Harusami Is
Harusami Is

Just mean. Someday there will be a rude article ridiculing you arsehole hipsters... Oh wait! I already do that!

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