Photos: Tornado at DIA -- top Twitter pics

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Big photos below.
Yesterday, plenty of folks flying in and out of Colorado got an extended, close-up view of some tourist attractions that don't usually garner the attention they deserve: the restrooms at DIA. Yep, the area once known by locals as "Tornado Alley" played reluctant host to a twister that spared the airport but caused plenty of anxiety, as travelers were forced to hunker down in designated shelters (and often flushable) shelters. The craziness was captured on Twitter. Look below to see the top Twitpics from the experience, complete with credit info and details.



Continue for more top Twitter pics of the tornado at DIA.

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RobertChase topcommenter

It sure was stupid to build DIA twenty-four miles away from the Downtown out on the plains.  The people who made that decision and profited from it should foot the entire bill for the light rail line to the airport.

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