Reader: Is anyone really offended by DU mascot Boone?

Yesterday, Patricia Calhoun's wrote about the largest online booster for Boone, the University of Denver's embattled mascot. The website's plug-pulling appears to mark the end of the campaign on behalf of Boone, who's being mothballed due to concerns that some might see him as a racist figure. Such claims infuriate one reader.

lateeda writes:

This is SO fucking ridiculous! I want to know who it is that is offended by Boone. The administration keeps saying this, but I have yet to hear from those so offended. So who is it and why do they have SO much power?

No more money from alumni!

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sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

good will come out of this

more of the youth will realize that the leftists are the anti freedom dbags who buy peoples votes and love to keep blacks on welfare


Outside of football, D.U. is my college fav . Granted,  I don't see many if any black people attending their hockey or lacrosse games . NOR, are there ANY burning crosses either ...


Matt Leising
Matt Leising

Sounds like a load of bs to me. How is it offensive?

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