Faces of Meth? Meet Steven Taylor and crew accused of stealing cars for crystal

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Big photos below.
How much meth could someone buy with $92,000? A shitload, presumably. And that's how much cash-value merchandise -- mostly, but not exclusively, cars -- a five-person crew led by Steven Taylor is said to swiped, with proceeds allegedly used to buy or trade for a certain kind of crystal.

Look below to see photos of all five of those charged -- including Renee Swanson, seen here, one of two suspects who remain at large -- and details from the indictment, also on view here.

The five people indicted by a Denver grand jury in relation to the alleged car-theft ring include Taylor, Swanson, Justin Murdock, Christopher Leach and Desiree Jordan. Taylor, Murdock and Leach are in custody, but Swanson and Jordan have not yet been nabbed as of this writing.

One of two mug shots provided for Steven Taylor. See the other one below.
From at least August 2012 to last week, the 33-count indictment maintains that this five, plus a slew of others who are named but haven't been accused, shared common goals: "to obtain, distribute and use controlled substances; to steal automobiles; and to steal money, personal identifying information, financial identifying information, consumer electronics, and other property primarily through breaking into motor vehicles."

Assorted conspirators are also said to have stolen license plates from vehicles in order to put them on those they'd swiped. They also appear to have had an all-for-one/one-for-all approach to "money, stolen property, stolen personal and financial identifying information, stolen checks, controlled substances, stolen automobiles, transportation, food, clothing and living quarters."

Sounds like the makings of a reality show, albeit one with plenty of locations. According to the Denver District Attorney's Office, the investigation included input from the Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force and police departments from Denver, Arvada, Lakewood, Westminster and Wheat Ridge, plus the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

There are lots of victims as well -- more than twenty, with losses said to have hit the $92,000 mark.

Taylor has the most charges against him: twelve counts of aggravated motor vehicle theft, plus extra theft charges, a possession-of-meth beef and an allegation that he violated the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. As for his compatriots, they chipped in with an array of supposed wrongdoing, including conspiracy and forgery, plus aggravated motor vehicle theft, identity theft and plain old theft-theft.

Look beow to see the booking photos of the five, followed by the indictment and a defendant-by-defendant allegation breakdown.

Christopher Leach.

Desiree Jordan.
Continue for more mug shots and documents.

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@DonkeyHotay "

DonkeyHotay 18 minutes ago

Wowza! ... Renee's got lips that could suck-start a Harley!

VavavaRooom! ... if tweaker chicks are that hot, break me off a piece!"

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