Photos: Twenty hot weather looks if fashion laws were suspended, The Purge-style (NSFW)
Big NSFW photos below.
Yesterday, inspired by our scorchingly hot weather, we shared our list of the top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave. Which made us wonder: What would people wear during high-temperature periods like this one if fashion laws were off? Like, say, the clothing equivalent of The Purge, the horror flick in which all crime is legal each year for twelve hours....

We found twenty answers in our Westword slide-show archive -- and if we're right, all NSFW hell would break loose. Imagine your co-workers showing up in these....

Aaron Thackeray
Nick Schnelle
Egan O'Keefe

Christopher Morgan
Continue for more hot weather looks if fashion laws were suspended, The Purge-style.

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Chad Long
Chad Long

This is up again? Didn't this get posted back on Thursday?


This is the lamest thing you have ever posted.

Steve Holmberg
Steve Holmberg

No naked tripping girls to bully today, so you have to recycle these posts to meet your tittillation quota?

Bobby Brinkhaus
Bobby Brinkhaus

What did you guys do regurgitate some of the pictures from the naked bike ride post, because come on sex sells, and manufacture this post to get more hits on your website? You should really pay columnists based on the quality of their work, not how many hits the website drums up.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

@Steve Holmberg Because Westword is obviously responsible for some tart not being able to handle her drugs.

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