Photos: Juneteenth Music Festival site still trashed a day later, organizer apologizes

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Big photos below.
Our Juneteenth Music Festival slide show depicts the fun and frolic associated with this venerable Denver event, which took place on Saturday. But afterward, there were a lot fewer smiles, and a lot more crinkled noses, because the streets where the fest took place were still piled with trash until yesterday evening -- much like the mess left by the High Times Cannabis Cup on Earth Day.

The Juneteenth organizer has apologized for the now-resolved situation. See photos and a video below.

The day after the festival, a visitor to the Juneteenth Facebook page wrote, "As of 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, trash is everywhere up and down Welton. What a joke."

Accompanying this post were several photos, including this one....

...and this one....

...and this one:

Additionally, 9News heard from neighbors upset by the rubbish -- and one or more of them supplied photos as well. Here's one shot from the station's coverage....

...and another....

...and another:

How did organizer Norman Harris respond?

Continue for more about the trash left behind by the Juneteenth Music Festival, including additional photos and a video.

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Lauren Camel
Lauren Camel

I biked by yesterday and all the trash was blowing in the strong winds


I know where half the trash ended up before they picked it up, down 27th and California, when the winds picked up. The block of 27th between Cali and Stout was a mess due to all the trash blowing down the street and in to our yards.

Charlie Whiskey
Charlie Whiskey

You know a mess like that would never be left in a rich white neighborhood!

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