Lionel Hollins the best choice to replace George Karl for the Nuggets?

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Lionel Hollins.
Denver blog posts are checking references.

Denver Stiffs' Jeffrey Morton considers whether Memphis' Lionel Hollins is really the best choice to replace George Karl as the Nuggets head coach.

The Redheaded Slut on kinks and broken dolls.

Colorado Peak Politics wonders if a casino will bail out John Morse.

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

Not an NBA fan here but w/ friends who follow the Nuggs' religiously, they all have different opinions on who should be hired and why . Denver actually fired Karl out of fairness . Coming into his contract year following ANOTHER embarrassing 1st rnd playoff exit & w/ major injury concerns, & considering coaches CAN'T hold out . What ELSE could Denver really do ?

In ANY sport, I find it extremely hard to believe an owner would fire THE head coach w/o SOMEONE in mind . They ARE businessmen FIRST ! 

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