Logan Potter, ex-high school wrestler, accused of sex assault on unconscious teen girl

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Logan Potter.
Eighteen-year-old Logan Potter was a multi-sport athlete at Simla High School, located in a bucolic Elbert County town whose population was estimated at 728 circa 2007. But he particularly excelled at wrestling.

If local authorities are correct, however, these skills weren't necessary when it came to pinning a fifteen-year-old girl, since she was unconscious. He's been busted on suspicion of sex assault in a case that's also led to drug allegations against another teen.

Logan Potter's Twitter profile pic.
Potter figures prominently in an 2012-2013 wrestling season preview. His coach, Daren Teller, said of him, "Logan was a transfer from Iowa last year and I think has some excellent potential, too. He's also in his second year of wrestling, but he did fine in the Arkansas Valley duals, too. He's up a weight from last season and I think ready to go."

Additionally, Potter played running back on Simla High's football team and participated in track and field, hurling the discus and throwing the shot put.

He was less active on Twitter, having tweeted just four times during the past year or so. This is the description on his page: "Im Logan Im 17 a senior at a little bogges school in colorado my life and friends all live in iowa."

However, there's considerably more content on Potter's MeetMe page. For instance, he recently shared his excitement about graduating....

Also featured are some jokey Q&A items, including this one....

...and the following bit of philosophy -- one that's a bit unfortunate given his current troubles with the law:

Regarding his arrest, it's based on an incident that took place last month. On May 22, according to the Simla Police Department, officers responded to a report of a fifteen-year-old girl who was "unconscious and non-responsive due to an alcohol/drug overdose."

Subsequent investigation is said to have revealed that she had been sexually assaulted.

Eric Plowman.
The inquiry that followed pulled the cops in a couple of different directions.

They believe alcohol and Vicodin were provided to the girl by another Simla resident, Eric Plowman, age nineteen. He was busted by Elbert County Sheriff's Office deputies June 20 on suspicion of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, distribution of a controlled substance to a minor and underage alcohol possession/consumption. Plowman was then placed in Elbert County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

The June 20 arrest date, the size of the bond and a cell in the aforementioned hoosgow correspond directly to Potter as well. But while he's also facing a count related to underage alcohol possession/consumption, the more serious beef against him is sexual assault.

Both Potter and Plowman remain in custody at last report.

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Brian Lipsett
Brian Lipsett

What does being an ex-high school wrestler have to do with the story?

Legen Dairy
Legen Dairy

Good Hes locked up where he needs to be. Especially with a Douche Canoe pic like that one.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

He should hire Rob Corry to defend him ...

... he's got more experience with sexual assault on unconscious females than any other lawyer in Colorado.

Booooo yaaaaaaah!


@Brian Lipsett I think it means spandex-boy isn't getting any.

Nor will he be getting any for his spelling prowess.  "Bogges" is the most interesting attempt at "bogus" I've ever seen.


@Legen Dairy what does his picture have anything to do with it? Nothing. His family sees this. Innocent until proven guilty.  so back off.


@jmpmk2 what a way to put it. hes always had spelling problems, but he never tore some one down for it. he wasn't a BULLY. the DNA test has not come back and he HAS NOT been proven guilty. so BACK OFF

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