Noe Coronado and Jose Esparza's schmucky idea: Selling cocaine from a vacuum bag

Big photos below.
Back in the bad old days, when snorting cocaine was seen as a symbol of sophistication and cool, as opposed to indicating throwback sleaziness, the act of getting a line from that powdery, scratched up mirror to your nostril was often described as "Hoovering" -- as in, "Did you see Chad Hoovering up all that blow right after the chick he's been hitting on all night kicked him in the balls?" Apparently, Noe Coronado and Jose Esparza remembered -- because they're accused of selling coke out of a vacuum bag.

Coronado's reportedly from Aurora, while Esparza calls Denver home -- or at least he did, until being tossed in the Eagle County hoosgow.

Downtown Eagle.
According to the local sheriff's office, the Eagle County Drug Task Force arranged a meet with the pair in the parking lot of a restaurant in town. And shortly after Coronado and Esparza arrived, a drug-sniffing K-9's snout started to get a little twitchy.

No wonder: The dog soon led his human cohorts to the men's truck, where officers found approximately four ounces of cocaine -- estimated street value: $4,000 -- in the vehicle's bed.

That the stuff was contained in a vacuum-cleaner bag only made the moment more memorable.

Coronado and Esparza were promptly busted on suspicion of cocaine possession and distribution, both felonies, and fitted with $50,000 bonds.

As a bonus, law enforcers learned that Esparza has a hold on him courtesy of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Seems he came to the states from Mexico without the benefit of legal paperwork.

Folks with information about the pair are encouraged to phone the Eagle County Sheriff's Office at 970-328-8500 or Eagle County Crime Stoppers at 970-328-7007. In the meantime, the pair are no doubt thinking that the whole hide-coke-in-a-vacuum-bag idea really sucked.

Here's a look at their booking photos.

Jose Esparza.

Noe Coronado.
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You know what's more "schmucky", police who spend their time busting people with drugs. While the proud officers were patting themselves on the back, twice as much cocaine drove past them. The war on drugs will never be won, but it sure makes us all look like losers.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "Back in the bad old days, when snorting cocaine was seen as a symbol of sophistication and cool, as opposed to indicating throwback sleaziness ..."

WTF?! ... when did they send that memo?


This is the best/worst you could find/come up with ?

15 minutes in Detroit is 10 times more dangerous .....

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