Terry Ballowe found guilty of schmucky plan to torch his bed & breakfast

Big photos below.
Terry Ballowe definitely isn't the dumbest criminal to win coveted Schmuck of the Week honors.

After all, it took two separate trials over a span of four years to finally convict him of torching Creek Side Bed & Breakfast in Black Hawk, presumably for the insurance money -- which he never actually received.

In the end, though, Ballowe left plenty of ammunition with which prosecutors were able to blast him. And blast him they did.

Judging by a now out-of-date listing for Creek Side, located at 531 Chase Street in Black Hawk, the properly was gorgeous. Here's a photo of the joint:

The forty acre parcel in Gilpin County was priced at $1.25 million.

Why would Ballowe, 41, want to turn this lovely piece of Colorado into a charcoal briquette -- which it nearly became on January 25, 2009, when responders found the place in flames following a 911 call made minutes before he was seen splitting?

According to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, business was bad, causing him to fall behind on the mortgage there and at his nearby home, about a block away.

Both structures eventually went into foreclosure, and while Ballowe had forked over enough green to change their status, he'd made no additional payments prior to the fire, which took place when the operation was open but no guests were on hand.

In addition, he listed his primary residence as Creek Side, not his house, presumably to save on insurance premiums. He jacked up the latter two times during the year before the blaze, with his coverage amount ultimately going from $500,000 to $750,000.

Not suspicious enough? Testimony at the trial revealed that he called his insurance company on the morning of the fire to check on his policy. And then he phoned again on the same topic.

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The problem, you see is not that this man committed a crime. Rather I see a victim......of corporate greed. I do not understand why this man was enforced to maintain HIS insurance at the same time contributing to these insurance racketeering tactics. I understand its protection..... Why can not this man recoup his money? It would make sense to me that all insurance money paid be reimbursed to the payee after a set 12 months. What a sham! Insurance companies also meet all elements of the crime of U.S. RICO act.

I am an American! Being that, I'm subject to inalienable rights...thanks to this REPUBLIC, I choose not to participate in criminal fraud with these corrupt companies...WITHOUT REPERCUSSION from law enforcement.I am free to choose....Whatever the fuck i want!


With that kind of business prowess, I'm amazed he didn't succeed !.....

He'll hide behind 'god' . You'll see .......


@Juan_Leg  You my friend, are very much appreciated. I do regret to say that we have no defense against the monster justice system let alone the whole government. The chemicals alone could wipe the majority.....OUT. 

We have no defense.......what a fucking world it has come to.


@DonkeyHotay @Juan_Leg  

Carter is one of this country's greatest humanitarians EVER !!!

TOO honest for the White House ......

Clinton on the other hand, is ALMOST as bad & crooked as either Bush !!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Juan_Leg ... of course during the Carter and Clinton administrations, you wouldn't have to fight at all, since they weren't the War Mongering Dogs that surrounding Repuglikan administrations were.


@CloudGang <<<-----

I'd fight for this guy BEFORE I would ANY Presidential administration elected in my life time ...... 



' The world is full of kings & queens,

who blind your eyes & steal your dreams ...'

R.I.P. - R.J.D.  .....

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