Photos: Top ten Texts From Last Night out of the 720 area code, 2013 edition

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Big photos below.
A few months back, we shared our top ten Texts From Last Night out of the 303 area code -- the 2013 edition. But we couldn't help thinking we were leaving some numbers out.

Like, for instance, 720 -- and the latest submissions to the site from those digits are definitely memorable (not to mention weird, gross or a combination thereof).

We've photo-illustrated our ten favorites. Count down the entire list below.

Number 10: Bowled over


Number 9: It's all yours, Tawny Kitaen
Continue to keep counting down our top ten Texts From Last Night out of the 720, 2013 edition.

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Dave Shuck
Dave Shuck

Last Valentine's Day, she wanted to be cutesy and send out a text that said "I lub U." Auto-correct got a hold of it and it came out "I lube U." It was the best Valentine's Day EVER!!!


I'm embarrassed that I spent five minutes of my life clicking through the tedium to read this worthless shit.

Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts

Do the explicit DEATH THREATS that I received one hour away from Tucson, the day before the mass Tucson shootings, count as embarrassing to the NEGLIGENT Pinal County Sheriff? I have a LIST of DEATH THREATS ignored by law enforcement! I keep asking do DEATH THREATS expire, NO ONE ANSWERS!


Did you get these from PRISM?  Just wondering

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