Videos: Remembering Tim Samaras, storm chaser killed in tornado alongside son, partner

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Photos, videos below.
Tomorrow at 1 p.m., Mission Hills Church in Littleton will host a memorial service for Tim Samaras, his son Paul and his longtime partner Carl Young -- three storm chasers who dedicated their lives to documenting the sort of deadly weather from which most of us run. The three -- well known to viewers of the Discovery Channel staple Storm Chasers (it was cancelled last year) -- were killed in Oklahoma on Friday by a tornado. Below, we've got what's described as Tim's last storm video, his final interview and much more.
This photo of a storm last October is featured on Tim's Facebook page.
As noted by 7News, which assembled a fitting tribute to the men, Tim and Paul are originally from Lakewood and have most recently been living in Bennett. And while Storm Chasers had run its course, the pair, along with Young, continued to make regular appearances on television whenever dangerous weather developed.

This clip, from the folks at National Geographic, with which the trio also worked, is described as Samaras's last storm video....

...while this footage, from MSNBC, is called his final interview:

After the men died in a tornado estimated at EF-3 strength, the Samaras family released the following statement:

"We would like to express our deep appreciation and thanks for the out pouring of support to our family at this very difficult time. We would like everyone to know what an amazing husband, father, and grandfather he was to us. Tim had a passion for science and research of tornadoes. He loved being out in the field taking measurements and viewing mother nature. His priority was to warn people of these storms and save lives. Paul was a wonderful son and brother who loved being out with his Dad. He had a true gift for photography and a love of storms like his Dad. They made a special team. They will be deeply missed. We take comfort in knowing they died together doing what they loved. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers."
Another tribute comes from 7News forecaster Mike Nelson, who wrote the following on his Facebook page:
"Tim died doing what he loved, with people he loved -- especially Paul. Kathy [Tim's wife] was the wind beneath their wings as she embraced and understood the passion that made them chase tornadoes.

"Tim was not only a brilliant scientist and engineer, he was a wonderful, kind human being. If anyone could be called the 'gentleman of storm chasing,' it would be Tim. He was iconic among chasers and yet was a very humble and sincere man.

"I have known Tim for two decades and while I never had the privilege to witness a tornado by his side, I lived vicariously through his amazing videos, Powerpoints, National Geographic articles and the numerous public seminars we presented during the past 20 years (both at KMGH and KUSA).

"The world has lost a truly amazing scientific mind, three very brave men and two families grieve with great pain -- as do all of us who are diminished by their passing,"

We add our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of these three brave men.

Here's the aforementioned 7News report, followed by photos from Tim's Facebook page, featuring his own captions:

Continue for photos from the late Tim Samaras's Facebook page, featuring his original captions.

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For those of you who know me, this comes as a personal loss . Though Clyde & I visit Bennett & Strasburg,(owning property in the latter), much less than just a cpl of years ago, I recall talking w/ Kathy once, while both Tim and Paul were off FLYING east on I-70 . We were together in line at the store and I was AMAZED at how calm and at ease she was while HER men were off w/ the chance of never returning . At the time, I compared it w/ a mother who's child was off to war in Iraq . I never bore any children by choice but if I had, would I possess 1/4 of the inner-strength compared to Kathy ? Highly doubtful . She was, IS proud of the work & the sacrifices made by 'her' guys .

I'm patiently waiting for the media 'wave' to pass, so that Clyde & I may offer our personal condolences . It was complete chaos when we tried this weekend after learning of the news before daybreak, Sunday morning .

I quit drinking over six years ago w/ the exception of a lone shot in toast, to a fallen 'hero' . Tim, Paul, & Carl, this one is for you three and the contributions each made to science in it's efforts to ultimately,  preserve human life . I'm doing one more for Kathy and her daughters . Their husband/dad/brother/son's work, will forever save lives long after they sacrificed their own ...

R.I.P. my friends ......

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