Video: Glenn Beck would love to hire Tim Tebow if NFL team doesn't

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Video below.
In late April, onetime toast of Denver Tim Tebow found himself sans employment after being cut by the New York Jets -- and since then, no other NFL team has given him a sniff. Fortunately, though, he's got a career alternative: Controversial talk-show host Glenn Beck, who feels Tebow's faith is being used against him, recently announced that he'd love to hire Tebow to do sports for him. Check out the sort-of offer, plus a debate about Tebow's skills focusing on his achievements with the Broncos, in the video below; start at about the 4:45 minute mark.

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I don't know how worse.... Glenn Beck or Peter Boyles??? That goodness Peter got canned one less foolish man on the air....

Michael Beckerman
Michael Beckerman

Unfortunately, Tim Tebow, even though he's a remarkable football player, isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the box.

Matt Mega C
Matt Mega C

I am not a Tebowite, but I can tell that there is too much love in Tim's heart for him to work with someone so filled with hate.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

I thought Christians weren't supposed to associate with homosexuals.  


Talk about a salary difference ....

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