Photos: Top U.S. cities travel index names Denver king of cheap cocktails and more

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Big photos, graphics below.
With the summer vacation season upon us, we recently looked at's list of the ten worst U.S. travel cities -- and why Denver was the best.

Now, has come up with its own breakdown of travel bargains, focusing on overall costs in the top twenty U.S. cities, as well as four specific categories: hotels, dinners, taxis and cocktails. And whaddya know: Denver finishes atop two of these contests. Which ones? Look below to see photos, graphics and details.

Hotel costs:
Number 1: Las Vegas
Number 11: Denver
Number 20: Honolulu
Denver Grand Hyatt Facebook
Continue for more about the top U.S. cities travel index -- and where Denver placed.

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Tim Tindle
Tim Tindle

Pedicabs are defiantly more affordable! I wish more people understood the level of work involved in hauling folks around on a tricycle. Hop on a pedicab, $2 a block is very reasonable!


No . Denver is the KING of low priced, high grade marijuana ! No one comes even close !


@Tim Tindle  

It's not what I would consider affordable but I wish you all the luck !  I DO understand it is a FAR better deal compared to ANY cab service if one is bouncing around down town ! What do they go for new/used ? My buddy could use one for punishing his teenage boys .

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