Photos: Urban explorer mystery pics from vacant CU medical buildings

Big photos below.
More than five years after the University of Colorado moved its hospital, medical school and other offices to the Anschutz Medical Campus, the buildings at Ninth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard are still vacant -- or so we thought.

Although there is no movement on the outside -- as one developer after another has abandoned the project -- there appears to be activity inside places like the morgue seen here. And as we note in this week's Off-Limits column, there's plenty more photographic evidence of visitors on view below.

Earlier in June, someone using the moniker Sissyfuss posted dozens of photos from inside the complex on, a website for urban explorers -- the brave/foolish souls who sneak into empty buildings or structures for thrills and sometimes chills.

And chills is what you'll get viewing some of the photos of the abandoned morgue, not to mention the hospital emergency room, the cafeteria, the power plant, the psychiatric ward, a conference room and numerous labs and offices.

To read more about the status of the photos, urban explorers, the former medical campus, and the schools' response, read "Exploratory Surgery."

All photos are taken from the web site.



Continue to see more urban explorer mystery pics from inside vacant CU medical buildings.

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Steven M Palmer
Steven M Palmer

"Urban Exploring" - Is that what you kids call breaking and entering these days?

Fred Kaplan
Fred Kaplan

It is unfortunate that all this stuff id going o waste. I know there is a cost involved but could some of the kitchen equipment have been donated to other NFP's? Or worse case clean it out with a salvage company and earn some money for poor patients? As to the scary part, I have been in old abandoned buildings and when you think about all the births/deaths happiness/sadness and know there are some secrets and ghosts that still remian.


I don't get this.  There is nothing "chilling" about this pictures.  What about these pictures indicate that some goes on in these buildings than we know.  I mean, I know these pictures didn't take themselves, but this smells of poor, trumped up media coverage.  FOX NEWS MUCH?!

Krystal Tubbs
Krystal Tubbs

I agree, I didn't see anything mysterious about the pictures but I thought they were pretty interesting.

Courtney Donaldson
Courtney Donaldson

I don't find anything "chilling" about these and nobody popped out and yelled "BOO"... nice to see the equipment ($$$) wasted.... Yeah yeah yeah progress but there's plenty there they could have transferred (i.e. kitchen equip)... Just sayin'

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh

Not sure i understand the mystery, but cool shots nonetheless

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