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You walk up to a bland-looking Wheel of Fortune type wheel, where a large gentleman asks if you would like to spin for a prize. So you do, and you end up winning a voucher for a $25 gram of hash -- at which point you're asked, "Would you like to come up for a dab?" You then walk up a couple of stairs, past a stoner couple making eyes at each other, and sit at a card table in front of two beautiful ladies offering a hit of hashberry.

No, this isn't some sort of futuristic game show or even a dream. It's 710 in Denver.

Wax Jones
Denver Relief's wheel.
Some background for the uninitiated: 710 -- which looks like "OIL" upside down -- is a hash holiday. And the big day was marked this July 10 during Top Shelf Extract's Dabs of Denver event at the Oriental Theater. The Denver Relief booth referred to above was one of many offering free samples.

Dabs of Denver was a lot like a wine-tasting event, but instead of Pinots and Reislings, there were OGs and hazes. And in place of dull old white guys in khakis, there were new-age hippies in T-shirts strolling around with slitted eyes.

"This is officially the first-ever 710 party," evening headliner Task Rok said just before the 7:10 p.m. smoke up, when he took a giant half-gram dab on stage.

"710, as far as I know, is three years old," he continued, "but this is the first time a group of people have celebrated. You guys are making history."

Wax Jones
Task Rok heating an oil rig on stage for a 7:10 California time toast.
Fifteen-plus tables of dabbers gathered around the theater, forming makeshift lines in order to grab a seat. Once seated, attendees were offered a dab of whatever variety of oil the booth had left -- and people who seemed eager enough would sometimes get two.

Continue for the rest of the event and more pictures.

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Oriental Theater

4335 W. 44th Ave., Denver, CO

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Che Harness
Che Harness

420 I prefer to keep chemicals out of my THC

Scott Jensen
Scott Jensen

"420". say it. It rolls off the tongue, like... butter... hash butter. yeahhh


Looks an awful lot like Jesse from Breaking Bad heating a crack pipe to me.


We raised $5,916 and then just rounded it up to $6,000 flat. Today we donated it all to Disabled American Veterans Local 21. 

Not one fight, no one got hurt, everyone had a great time... it's the norm for events like this.

A great many hash smokers are veterans using bho to treat PTSD and pain lingering from physical injuries. It's completely appropriate for us to help these members of our community. 


Thanks for the Stixx and At Home Baked shoutout. Sega and cold water hash all night! Glad u enjoyed! Like us on facebook!


"reportedly raised thousands of dollars for disabled American veterans over 21"

No wonder the mj movement is in chaos! Why on earth wouldn't they give the money to cannabis education and/or politics? Don't they see that cannabis continues to be under attack in Colorado?

Just another example of stoners doing feel-good deeds that do nothing to help their own community.


I don't know why, but the only thing oil does for me is make me crave good weed. No matter how much I smoke, or what silly device I smoke it out of, all I want afterwards is a few hits of good weed.


@Wanderer & @DonkeyHotay  One of the reason close to 6k was given to the local chapter of the Disabled Veterans was because they were more than willing to publicly say "We accepted finances from the cannabis community and we support what they are doing."  The angle is to show that cannabis users are part of the same community as everyone else and that we support the people who have done so much for this country.  It's not about dividing the cannabis community vs. everyone else.  This is also why the Amen 64 bill includes a law that mandates the first 40 million made from taxing recreational cannabis goes directly to education and building better school.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Monkey "or what silly device I smoke it out of,"


The puerility of it all continues to evoke socially negative images among the vast majority of citizens -- voters -- who do not use marijuana.

Once again, socially and politically inept stoners continue to be their own worst enemies.

RobertChase topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay  The kif derived from sugar leaf and trim should not go to waste.  The vaporization of BHO is unfortunately reminiscent of that used to consume ice or crack, but the active ingredient itself is benign.  A hit of it may represent a more acute insult to bronchial tissues, judging from its effects, but no one has keeled over to the best of my knowledge.

It puts the misdirection of effort and resources on the part of the State in perspective to reflect on the fact that over the course of the past twelve years of constitutional provision for the use of medicinal cannabis and on the verge of general retail sales to adults, no study of the health effects of cannabis has been commissioned.  The CDPHE should be studying the effects of cannabis, and it should be investigating its appropriate medical application and certifying new conditions for which its use is appropriate; instead the Department continues to stonewall the People's (correct) determination that cannabis is medicine.  Colorado's doctors, if they are men and women of science, should demand better of the State's health agency!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RobertChase @DonkeyHotay 

The blind idiocy of denuding buds of their THC rich guard leaves is another example of the pig-ignorance of the average stoner.

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