Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of June 2013

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Big photos below.
Although America celebrated its independence yesterday, many, if not most, of the folks pictured below probably weren't feeling especially independent -- because they were behind bars.

Below, check out the rogue's gallery from June, featuring photos of assorted Schmucks of the Week as well as those who've either been accused or convicted of the most serious crimes imaginable -- and be sure to click on the captions or links to check out our original coverage.

Bridgette Sandoval.
Read more in "Bridgette Sandoval sentenced for bizarre police chase she blamed on forced drug injections."

Ronald Asciutto.
Read more in "Ronald Asciutto, Denver firefighter, accused of trying to lure teen on the job."

David Isberg.
Read more in "David Isberg: Inmate seeks reprieve from his 'death sentence,' too."

Justin Hale.
Read more in "Justin Hale charged with murdering girlfriend's thirteen-month-old baby (1)."

Continue for more of the twenty most memorable mug shots of June 2013.

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Pam Stiffler
Pam Stiffler

I looked at a few of them & couldn't give any more attention to the ass sucking pieces of trash shown here without puking. Not even their pictures should see the light of day again


Only one black guy ?

RACIAL PROFILING at it's finest !!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Why isn't anyone smiling?

♩♬ ... Don't worry, be happy ...♪♫

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