Photos: Caribou Ranch, legendary Nederland recording studio, on sale for $45 million

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Big photos below.
Caribou Ranch near Nederland, including a recording studio that attracted some of music's biggest stars during the 1970s and beyond, is on sale for $45 million. Yes, that's a big chunk of change, but the buyer will get a lot for his money -- not just 1,600 acres of Colorado beauty, but also a piece of pop-culture history. Look below to see photos from the Mountain Marketing Associates listing interspersed with classic shots of folks from Michael Jackson to Elton John who cut tracks at Caribou, via screen captures from the Caribou Ranch Recording Studio Facebook page.

Mountain Marketing Associates
Caribou Ranch Recording Studio Facebook page

Mountain Marketing Associates
Caribou Ranch Recording Studio Facebook page
Continue for more photos of Caribou Ranch, which can be yours for $45 million.

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Rick Q Kixsta
Rick Q Kixsta

The studio burnt down after he was done recording.. I lived up in Ned back then.


The studio, including everything in it, burned down decades ago.  To restore it to what it formerly was, in today's dollars, would take millions more.  I think it's a little disingenuous to be listing this property as a studio, when it's clearly just the property where one used to reside.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Out of all the Musician Multi-millionaires that recorded there, you'd think that one or more of them could purchase it and rebuild the studio as a working business.

... or one of the Med-Pot Millionaires -- surely there must be DOZENS by now -- could buy it and make it a Destination Dispensary, harvesting those bazillions of $$ predicted for marijuana tourism.



I share the exact same feelings regarding the ranch . If I were to win one of those major Power Ball Lotteries, I wouldn't give it a 2nd thought !......

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