Christopher DuBois used gun that couldn't shoot to commit suicide by cop, DA reveals

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Big photos, video below.
In May, we reported about an incident during which a man was shot by police after holding a gun to his own head in an incident caught on video.

At the time, we wondered if this tragic occurrence was an example of a phenomenon known as suicide by cop, and that's the conclusion reached by Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey in a decision letter on view below. It quotes the man, identified as Christopher DuBois, as repeatedly asking to be shot -- and reveals that the gun he held was incapable of firing.

DuBois's online obituary features the photo seen above. He's described as a "disabled Vet who proudly served in the U.S. Coast Guard." Among the dozens of heartfelt memories shared on the page is this one:

Chris, I've tried for days to write something and struggle with the words. We've shared a long life together as friends through many of life's stages. I'm so sad that we will not have any more memories to create together. We love you Chris and I know your family knows how much you loved them even though you may not have been able to be with them the way you had expressed to me.... We will be saying goodbye to you today but in reality I know you will be here with all of us, making sure we are safe.
DuBois leaves a mother, a sister and two children. Our sincere condolences to his friends, family and loved ones.
The DPD arrived at the scene in force.
The happenings that led to DuBois's death are outlined in the "Summary of Facts" section of Morrissey's decision letter. On Sunday, May 14, according to the document, a woman identified as DuBois's ex-girlfriend dialed 911 not once but twice out of concern for his welfare. She said he'd taken her prescription medicine the previous day and had told her during a phone conversation that he'd consumed all of it. He also threatened to commit suicide -- something she said he'd attempted before.

Personnel from the Denver Fire Department arrived at DuBois's 2621 South Federal Boulevard home first. Looking through the door into the house, they saw him on a couch apparently snorting cocaine. A DFD representative told him the department had been called to help him and asked if the accompanying crew could come in. DuBois rejected the offer and said he had a gun, prompting the fire department staffers to withdraw.
A video image of DuBois pointing the gun to his head.
"Don't call the cops," DuBois is quoted as saying, adding. "If the cops come, I'm going to shoot myself." He then walked outside, produced a handgun, manipulated its slide and went back inside.

Despite DuBois's warning, DFD staffers informed police on the scene what was happening. Officers took up positions around the house and a sergeant attempted to communicate with DuBois via a loudspeaker, asking him to step outside again but leave his weapon behind.

Instead, DuBois appeared at the door with the gun to his head. The sergeant responded by ordering him to the ground and telling him to drop the pistol. In response, the report says, DuBois paced around the yard still pointing the weapon to his temple and yelled, "Shoot me. Shoot me." Then, as if that wasn't provocation enough, he racked the pistol's slide, walked into the street and waved the gun in the direction of two cops across the street from the residence.

A corporal at whom DuBois had aimed decided it was time to "deploy the 40" -- meaning a large, 40 millimeter rubber bullet. But though the projectile struck DuBois in the torso, it appeared to have no effect on him.

"Shoot me again," DuBois said. "Shoot me again."

Continue for more about the shooting of Christopher DuBois, including photos, video and a document.

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Oh great, now it's not only on the cop's conscience for the rest of his life. the family members are left to deal with it too.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Homicidal Pigs all too eager to be ... Homicidal Pigs.

RobertChase topcommenter

"DuBois paced around the yard still pointing the weapon to his temple and yelled, "Shoot me. Shoot me." Then, as if that wasn't provocation enough,..." -- Michael, that obviously wasn't provocation enough; that phrase fell too easily from your keyboard.

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