Corey Lopez guilty of strangling Richelle Best -- and she wasn't the first

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More photos below.
Last July, Corey Lopez, age 23, was arrested for strangling girlfriend Richelle Best, ending the life of a much-loved woman who was just 21.

During the trial, Lopez's defense team insisted that the injuries that led to her death had been accidental. But these assertions didn't convince a jury, particularly given the flood of evidence against him -- including details about a previous strangulation attempt. Look below for the details, photos and more.

At around noon on July 24, 2012, according to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, Lopez phoned 911 to report that he'd awakened alongside Best to discover that she wasn't breathing -- and she was blue, cold and stiff. He added that he'd pushed her to the floor before heading to a neighbor's house to call for help.
Richelle Best.
Upon their arrival at Lopez's home, located at 1070 Teller Street in Lakewood, emergency responders confirmed that Best was dead.

Here are a few memories of Best shared on her page.

I love you, Shell. Hope you're looking down on me, my guardian angel. I miss your very much

I remember babysitting you and your brothers when u were about 6 or 7. We had a lot of fun and as we grew older, we became good friends. I just saw u a month before all this happened. We were getting ready to hang out. I still can't believe ur gone. U will always be in my heart. I love u, babygirl.

I miss you every day, Richelle, and my heart aches for you to be by my side again. You were the best partner in crime for the last 17 years. I miss you, sister, and I know you're looking down on us. I can't wait for the day we meet again. I love you always and forever, my sweet sister and friend.

For those who loved Richelle, the information that emerged from this month's trial targeting Lopez must have been agonizing.
This photo's caption reads: "What a loss of an angel here on earth. We love you and will always keep you in our hearts! Praying blessings upon this wonderful family. God Bless you."
On the evening of July 23, the DA's office notes, Richelle, a friend and family members got together at a Lakewood bar. There, Richelle told her mother that she needed some time away from Lopez, but she didn't get her wish. He subsequently turned up at the bar, uninvited, and drove Richelle and the friend to the latter's home.

Richelle's mom and brother were also in attendance -- and when she wanted to go to the home she shared with her parents, Lopez is said to have become furious, even punching out a car window in what was described by prosecutors as a fit of rage.

Other testimony suggested Lopez suffered from anger issues and apparently wasn't happy that Best wasn't ready to marry him even though they'd only been going out for four months.

Although Richelle made it safely home, she was seen leaving with Lopez at about 5 a.m. the following morning. Later, a neighbor saw Lopez "pulling, then dragging and carrying" Richelle down the stairs into his apartment at the 1070 Teller address.

It was the last time she was seen alive. Approximately forty injuries to her body were cataloged post-mortem, with most of the wounds being to her face and neck. Doctors testified that hemorrhages were noted to her larynx, vocal chords, esophagus and the tissue around her thyroid.

Continue for more about Corey Lopez's conviction in the death of Richelle Best, including photos.

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I knew Richelle and her family for 3 years and unfortunately lost contact about 4 years ago. I regret losing contact with them but the 3 years I knew them were one of the greatest moments of my life. I had a lot of fun spending time with them no matter what we were doing. I will never forget those moments I had with them, they will be in my memory forever. My heart and my deepest sympathy goes out to them. You will always be in my heart.


@oro2marco I never once disrespected anyone on here! It is a sad situation, and we all know that. But let me say it once again MY BROTHER IS ALSO INVOVED IN THIS. I will always show my love for him regardless! So before you go calling me selfish, get your words together YOU MAKE NO SENSE. I was actually being sarcastic to a previous post that you OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT! You all can think and say what you want but I WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE TO SHOW LOVE FOR MY BROTHER, ignorant people may never see why and that's fine I DO NOT CARE! I ain't here to please any one of you~


@veaseylover  I have the right to voice my comments/thoughts/feelings wherever I shall. Unfortunately There are two sides of hurt feelings on this case. I am on my brothers so, I deserve to share my thoughts on his side. So as of now I shall  "cry a river" here. Thanks!


I love you brother! I know who you are NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS. Your nieces, nephew and I are all here for you. It would take me forever to write about the REAL COREY LOPEZ! God will be the judge baby bro!


Sentencing phase is over. Corey Anthony Lopez will spend the rest of his life in jail .. without parole. PLUS an added 24 years for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend. 

He was unrepentant at sentencing ... as was the rest of his scumbag family and friends.  No apologies to Richelle's family. No apologies to his ex-girlfriend.  Only whining excuses. The primary thing that he will miss, according to his own letters, is his apartment. 

Corey - you will get your own little bunk .. for the rest of your life ... in the big brick house. Enjoy.


The scumbag .. who is a legal citizen .. couldn't get away with this. Corey and the Jefferson County Public Defender Office tried to blame Richelle, the family, and friends for the past year!  Motion after motion ... wasting tons of tax payer money on this slime ball.

Corey even tried to leave the state on a one-way ticket before he was nabbed.  "Mr. Innocent" then had the gall to blame the event on rough sex, and Richelle's poor family had to listen to this line of garbage over the past year.

Not once did his family apologize to the family of Richelle. His friends hassled the family in court .. and out of court. Now his mama is moaning about her poor innocent son.  And still no apologies to Richelle's family!

If Corey was "so innocent", why did he try to leave town?  Why were there 40 wounds to Richelle's face and throat? Why did the jury take only an hour to come back with the guilty verdict?  Because the evidence was overwhelming! 

We knew Richelle for several years. She was a graceful beautiful sweet girl who chose to go out with the wrong guy and forgave him one time too many for the wrongs he was doing to her over their short relationship.  Looking forward to the sentencing in 2 weeks!


PS - same scumbag Public Defender, Mitch Ahnstedt, is defending Austin Sigg. Heh heh heh. Austin Sigg ... you're also hosed.

Schittphaiç Magü
Schittphaiç Magü

Wah? Not a single subtly racist douchebag demanding to know Lopez's residency status? I'm shocked, I tell ya!


If I were you and your family, I'd be afraid of God when judgement day comes.


@itsmebrimarie The real Corey strangled a 21 year old woman to death. That is the REAL Corey. Go cry a river for that bastard somewhere else


I'm not judging you, its the truth and the facts are there.

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