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We recently shared the Mile High City's top eleven tourism hidden gems as chosen by the folks at Visit Denver's website. But there's another important consideration that needs to be taken into account by visitors and locals alike -- the cost.

We've got you covered on that score, too. The site features a roster of thirteen great day trips from Denver, all of which just happen to be free. Check out the baker's dozen in the order listed, complete with links and Visit Denver text, plus photos and videos.

Number 13: South Park

"The mountain town that inspired the long-running animated TV series of the same name is actually a charming spot, offering plenty of adventures, just up U.S. 285 from Denver. Try hiking, biking, horseback riding, excellent fishing and hunting, and ATV/jeep trails. Tour historic sites and visit shops full of local crafts."

Number 12: The Highlands
"Explore one of Denver's most happening 'hoods. Sip a mojito while relaxing on a patio with a panoramic view of the city skyline. Go bargain hunting at one of Highland Square's unique boutiques. Get a delicious treat at an artisan cheese shop or a bakery devoted to cupcakes."

Continue to keep counting down our top thirteen best free day trips from Denver.

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spelling it "El Dorado" is quaint

Che Harness
Che Harness

What about gas or public transport? Is there much of anything that can be done for free?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Top thirteen ... way to break out from the mundane, Mikey.

Cindie Marren
Cindie Marren

Estes park IS free (Rocky Mnt Nat Park is $20). But Eldorado Canyon has a parking fee of around $6, as I recall.

David Latek
David Latek

Estes park ain't free! 20 bucks a car!


That picture for Golden is terrible!

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