Photos: Where the bleep wasn't Waldo for Denver Cruisers ride?

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Big photos below.
As always, the folks behind the Denver Cruiser Ride have been on a roll. We've recently shared galleries of shots from themed get-togethers such as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Bible Belts and Panties and last week's Thrift Shop Fashion Show. The latest? Where the Bleep is Waldo, in which participants donned the famously tough-to-spot fellow's trademark red and white stripes -- a look appropriate to the Independence Day eve schedule. Look below to see a sampling of photog Kyle Huninghake's shots and click to view the complete Where the Bleep is Waldo slide show.

Photo by Kyle Huninghake

Photo by Kyle Huninghake

Photo by Kyle Huninghake

Photo by Kyle Huninghake
Continue for more photos from the Denver Cruisers' Where the Bleep is Waldo ride.

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