Evan Castle pleads guilty to being a liquored-up, stewardess-groping Schmuck

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Photos, doc below.
In April, we told you about Thornton's Evan Castle, who faced federal charges -- and up to two years in prison -- for allegedly grabbing a flight attendant's butt.

Now, Castle has pleaded guilty for the incident -- a decision that was likely a factor in a sentence that will prevent him from changing his address to a barred cell. But that doesn't make what took place on a Spirit Airlines flight back in April any less schmucky. Check out the details and see the original complaint below.

The morning of April 5, as we've reported, Castle was ensconced in a fourteenth row seat of Spirit Airlines flight 562 from Las Vegas to Denver, and en route, he had four alcoholic drinks -- Tanqueray shooters, he later said.

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Apparently, the beverages left him well lubricated, because at one point during the flight, the complaint says he started using profane language, escalating to screams of "Fuck this, fuck that."

A flight attendant, age thirty, soon headed his way and told him to put the obscenities on mute. In response, he's said to have shouted, "I can say whatever I want" -- and then went on to prove it by making a pass at the woman.

"You should give me your number," he's quoted as saying, adding, "I should date you."

Shockingly, this pitch didn't work, so he turned his affections toward another flight attendant, this one 21 years old. "You're beautiful," he told her.

"Thank you," she replied, then walked away.

Castle wasn't dissuaded. Some time later, according to the document, he allegedly told the second flight attendant, "You're fucking beautiful.... You're fucking sexy.... I can show you a better time than work.... Blow off work and come with me."

The flight attendant ignored these comments, but when she strolled by Castle's seat again, he seized the right cheek of her buttock and said, "Oh sexy."

"Oh nausea" is more like it.

Continue for more about the Spirit Airlines incident, including the complete complaint.

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What's 'Spirit' Airlines w/o any spirit ?

fishingblues topcommenter

Poor guy was just getting in the spirit.  Or was it getting it on in spirit.  Or..  highly spirited on spirits on spirit.  Dang, I need a drink and a stewardess.  


The perfect 'wing-man' !

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

When Grab Ass is Outlawed, only Outlaws will Grab Ass

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