Photos: Gun advocates hold rally near memorial service for the Aurora theater shootings

Photos by Brandon Marshall
Tom Tancredo; big pics below.
Pro-gun advocates, including members of the NRA and the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners club, held a rally today at Cherry Creek State Park, near where a memorial ceremony was being held for the victims of Aurora theater shootings, on the eve of the first anniversary of those events. The memorial ceremony was held by the No More Names group, which is on a bus tour that aims to stop gun violence. See our photos on the next page and then click the link after the final photo to see the entire slide show.
All photos by Brandon Marshall for Westword.
See also: Gun Advocates Hold Rally Near Gun Violence Memorial Service
See also: Gun Advocates Hold Rally Near Gun Violence Memorial Service

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Was it 1992 or 1993, when the MLK parade crossed paths w/, & or met up w/ the Denver 'Skins', near the capitol ??? Now THAT was hilarious !!!!!!


here goes the liberal media spinning the story again the protest was not against the memorial but it was about reading the names of  the criminals that have died along with the names of the victims making it seem as though they were victims as well.If you were really there you would know that they were reading the names of all people who have died from shootings trying to make guns look bad instead of the people who pulled the trigger i'm sorry but if you have any sense of right or wrong you would not read a name in a memorial of a killer and its victim its just sick to honor and praise a psychopath


Guess we've got our own Westboro Baptist folks here in Colorado. Sad.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Tommy Tancrepo and his cowardly gun loons are as morally depraved as the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at funerals for U$ soldiers.

Scum of the Earth.


No problem .

I don't want to hear a word when a parade is formed,

 celebrating the next time a cop is killed by a gun, 

in the line of duty !!!

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

If you used punctuation from time to time, you'd seem less crazy and stupid. Unfortunately, that would only be a lie.

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