Reader: Maybe we should treat high-capacity gun magazines like pot....

Philip Poston's report about a civil-disobedience-oriented demonstration at the State Capitol over the ban on high-capacity gun magazines developed into a lively discussion about Second Amendment rights, among other things. So how did marijuana enter the conversation? Like this.

Monkey writes:

De-criminalize the transfer of an ounce of cannabis, outlaw the transfer of standard magazines. Just a friendly reminder that stupid laws will come and go, but the people will always ignore them, regardless of political fads.

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Jay Jurgens
Jay Jurgens

another dumb story compliments of westword

Maat Human
Maat Human

maybe we should treat politicians like rapists and child molesters..

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

*** Regulation Works! ... get REGULATED, Bitches! ***

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