Hemp flag made in Colorado to fly over Capitol in Washington on Fourth of July

Rep. Polis and the hemp flag.
Tomorrow, on the Fourth of July, that most patriotic of holidays, a flag made of hemp will fly over the Capitol in Washington. And guess who America has to thank for the cannabis-derived stars and stripes?

That's right -- Colorado.

The flag was made from hemp fiber purchased in Manitou Springs and then printed and sewn in Denver. Representative Jared Polis, a Boulder Democrat, brandished the flag during debate on an amendment that would allow universities to study hemp.

"Hemp is not marijuana, and at the very least, we should allow our universities, the greatest in the world, to research the potential benefits and downsides of this important agricultural commodity," Polis says in a statement.

"Many states, including Colorado, have demonstrated that they are fully capable of regulating industrial hemp. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. The first American flag was made of hemp. The U.S. Department of Agriculture produced a Hemp for Victory video in 1942. And today, I am proud that an American flag made of hemp will fly over our Capitol on the anniversary of our nation's birth."

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for hemp stalk from wikipedia 250x279.jpg
The inside of a hemp stalk.
A variety of cannabis sativa, hemp contains little to none of the psychoactive ingredient THC, which is what gets you high. But the fibrous plant has many other uses: You can eat it, wear it, even build your house out of it.

As explained in our recent cover story "Green Acres," Coloradans paved the way for growing industrial hemp when they passed the otherwise-marijuana-centric Amendment 64 last November. The amendment directed lawmakers to enact legislation governing the cultivation, processing and sale of industrial hemp by July 1, 2014. Lawmakers beat that deadline in May when they approved a bill to set up a process to register hemp farmers with the state. An advisory committee now has until March 1, 2014 to come up with that process, after which farmers will be able to start growing.

But hemp is still illegal at the federal level -- hence, Polis's amendment. According to Colorado hemp advocate Michael Bowman, who spends much of his time in Washington, the amendment was meant to give colleges such as Colorado State University the legal cover they need to grow and study industrial hemp. After we contacted CSU earlier this year to ask about hemp research, we received this statement:

Although hemp contains only trace amounts of the main hallucinogen found in marijuana, the federal Controlled Substances Act nonetheless defines the entire species as a Schedule I controlled substance. Accordingly, the University is prohibited from providing assistance about hemp production.
Polis's amendment passed, but the bill it was attached to -- known as the FARRM Act -- was defeated last month. A spokeswoman for Polis says the amendment will likely come back, either attached to another bill or as part of a resurrected farm bill.

It was while thinking about Polis's amendment that Bowman, whose family owns a farm in Wray on which he hopes to plant hemp, came up with the idea for the hemp flag.

Continue for more on the making of the hemp flag, including photos.

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 @DonkeyHotayDo you homework.  1) yes, Betsy's flag was made from hemp fabric, the most prolific material available at the time:  2) by 1862 there were 16 million acres of hemp being grown in the US according to the US Census.  Somehow your illusioned 'failure' became a successful US crop.  By 1938 It was on track to be America's first 'billion dollar crop' 3) do you even understand the political process?  How the farm bill becomes law?  Do you understand the Polis amendment was voted on prior to the demise of the larger bill?  Do you understand the political significance to a recorded vote in the House that now lets jurisdiction of this crop move from Judiciary to Ag?  Do you understand the political significance of this vote making hemp a germane issue for all ag bills moving forward?  4) Do you understand why Congressman Polis ultimately voted against the larger bill?  Does $20 billion in SNAP reductions mean anything to you? The Congressman made the right vote.  We won the battle we needed to win.  And we have the Congressman to thank for that. 

Now, to your 'Pot Pimps' remark:  I am a fifth-generation farmer from a very rural part of our state.  in the 2013 session of the Colorado legislature the bill setting the regulatory framework to allow our farmers to cultivate this crop passed through its respective committees in the House and Senate and the full bodies of both chambers unanimously before it went to the Governor for a vote. Did you hear that?  This was a bi-partisan effort with 100% support from both sides of the aisle. 

Next time do your homework before your crawl out of your little dark hole.  There are a lot of good people working on this issue - one that is important to both consumers and agriculture alike.  Your false rants are unbecoming to a state filled with people who can call bs on your nonsense.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "The first American flag was made of hemp."

Fucking LIE! ... Why do Pot Pimps always LIE?

"George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp"

Fucking LIE! ... The NEGRO SLAVES of Washington and Jefferson were forced to grow hemp for their white masters. And even with FREE SLAVE LABOR both ventures were financial FAILURES.

"Polis's amendment passed, but the bill it was attached to -- known as the FAARM Act -- was defeated last month."

And the LYING LIAR Polis VOTED AGAINST the FAARM Act, killing his own amendment !!

Marcy Cote Sheppard
Marcy Cote Sheppard

A hemp flag flying over the White House...isn't that the FEDERAL Government??? AWESOME!!


I wonder if Adam kokesh has one?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@MichaelBowman ... complete delusional stoner bullshit.

1) Betsy Ross did NOT make the "first American flag"

2) Flags of the day were made of WOOL, not hemp.

3) The first American Flag was most certainly made of WOOL, just like all the other flags of the day.

4) The Hemp that the SLAVES of Washington and Jefferson were forced to grow was of such inferior quality to the hemp of Europe -- the primary market of U$ grown hemp -- that it was a FINANCIAL FAILURE to both of them, with Jefferson suffering his final years in TOTAL BANKRUPTCY ... in spite of having FREE SLAVE LABOR.

@MichaelBowman = another ignorant bong-sucking stoner.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Melissa Michael Dann ... complete BULLSHIT.

Typical Stoner Lies and Idiocy.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@MichaelBowman ... LOL! ... as if your real name is "MichaelBowman"

HipTip = it ain't who you are that matters, it's what you post ...

... and your ABSURD claim that "Betsy Ross" made the fist American Flag out of hemp is nothing but unmitigated BULLSHIT.


@DonkeyHotay  ....and I have the cojones to blog under my own name.  Duly noted.  You appear to be naturally clueless about the differences between industrial hemp and it's cousin.  And politics. And process.  And economics.  But I repeat myself. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@MichaelBowman ... so you're naturally clueless and ignorant about American Flag history.


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