Videos: Watch I-70/Pecos bridge being built and moved in 90 seconds

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Videos below.
Building and moving a bridge into place at Interstate 70 and Pecos was an incredibly time-consuming task. But that doesn't mean watching it happen will take all day.

The Colorado Department of Transportation, which tackled this enormous undertaking, has created time-lapse videos showing the bridge's construction, as well as the weekend effort to put it into place.

Check out the clips here.

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Ken Elwell
Ken Elwell

Had to take a detour so a new/better bridge could be built. OH THE HUMANITY! Quit yer belly-aching people. Just shows how soft of a society we are becoming. If the old bridge had deteriorated and caused damage to people/property you'd whine about that too

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Ken Elwell Strong post, Ken. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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