"Please f*ck me": Read "erotic" prose by GOP state senate candidate Jaxine Bubis

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"He dragged the rose down her chin, her neck, and tortured her, dragging it down between her breasts, her belly and across the top of her panties. She moved, arched, ached for more."

A scene in Fifty Shades of Grey? Nope. The passage is from 2004's Beantown Heat, written by Jaxine Bubis, a Republican who just happens to be running for the Colorado state senate in the hopes of displacing embattled Majority Leader John Morse. And we've got more examples of her steamy prose below.

Why does Bubis want to serve in the Senate? Her campaign website describes her motivation in decidedly un-steamy fashion:

Jaxine Bubis and a friend, from her campaign website.
The time has come to take a bold stand for our Constitutional rights.

I spent the majority of my life in Colorado growing up right here in Colorado Springs.

After traveling to different places with my husband Dan, we chose to return to Colorado Springs because we love the people and share the values represented throughout this great city.

Unfortunately, I've become increasingly concerned with those in power aligning with East Coast politicians in a radical attempt to strip away our Constitutional rights.

Whether it's the blatant attack on our right to keep and bear arms or the utter disregard of our First Amendment, things are swiftly moving in the wrong direction.

I joined with many of you in asking our elected officials to protect our Constitutional rights only to be blatantly ignored and even told, our concerns weren't important.
The website lists a number of high-profile Republicans in Bubis's corner, including Senator Kevin Lundberg and Representative Janak Joshi. But not everyone is a fan. A post on ColoradoPols.com that went live yesterday afternoon notes that Bubis's authorial sideline was revealed in an e-mail sent to fellow Republicans by a supporter of a GOP rival also hoping for a shot at Morse's seat.

Included in the e-mail were a few lines from Beantown Heat, credited to Bubis's pen name, Jaxine Daniels. Some of the more explicit language was deleted so as not to shock delicate sensibilities -- but we think you can handle it without censorship. The section reads:

Now two fingers were deep inside her. She could feel herself clamp down on him, aching for his cock inside her. But then he leaned down and began sucking and licking her, as his fingers moved slowing in and out. In and out.
The cover of "Beantown Heat."
The horizontal mambo-ing doesn't end there. Here are the paragraphs immediately before the lines above....
"You're not holding still." His voice was tantalizing. "And do you find this more provocative than if I read you the piece you read me that night? Please fuck me.... Shall I read it to you?"

"No. But please fuck me."

"In time, baby, in time."

...and the ones that follow:
He moved back up, his mouth just a breath from hers.

"Now, taste your own passion."

His kiss was warm and wet with her pleasure. His tongue teased her lips, her tongue. She kissed him back, pulling him hard against her.

"Please..." The fire built and banked, built and banked. He was inside her head, inside her body. How else would he know when she edged near explosion? He wouldn't let her go. And then he was gone.

Oh yeah: These two are known as the Professor and Maryann. Bet Gilligan is jealous.

Continue for additional excerpts from Jaxine Bubis's writings and more.

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So what? I don't know if I'm more grossed out by the weird CGI cover art or by Westword's assumption that this is relevant to this woman's decision to run for office.

Ladies be havin' sex. Deal with it.


Wow! A porn writer is about to run for elective office from the Main Office of Six Flags Over Jesus!

Hooo doggies! This beats the Second Coming all too pieces, now.


People are focused on it because, as far as we know, it's her only professional qualification for the job.  This was an attack by another republican, and further evidence why this election is a waste of money.


republicans repulse me, but.. so what?


Who care about what she does on her free time at least she's not afraid to show her naughty side.... Most consevative are wound so tight they have problems when it comes to sexuality issues.....this is Certainly not the issue people should be focusing on....


@Colleen Luckett  

Smoke pot . It's MUCH better for you . 

Especially if you are going to smoke ....

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Colleen Luckett Funny post, Colleen. Thanks for posting.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Testecleese Love the post, Testecleese. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Appreciate you weighing in.

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