John Elway's booze background and Broncos DUIs a bad combination?

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John Elway.
Denver blog posts are running a tab.

South Stands Denver's Colin Daniels thinks the Broncos' booze culture pours down from the top -- and he points at John Elway.

Big Media's Jason Salzman on hypocrisy and Mike Coffman's pension.

Denver Egotist: "So ridiculously stupid it made us laugh."

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That piece on Elway was long on questionable inferences and long on character assassination. "It could be construed"  "it was rumored" and similar weasel words with very little actual factual evidence is dangerous ground on which to tread, even with a public figure and NY  Times v. Sullivan's "actual malice" standard on your side. I question the wisdom of linking it and by doing so at least appearing to give your imprimatur to it..

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