Judy Collins deserves better as Colorado Inside Out time travels to 1973

Judy Collins, circa 1973
For the past eleven years, Colorado Inside Out, the weekly public affairs roundtable on Colorado Public Television, has taken an annual trip in the Colorado Time Machine. The show's reported on current events of 1912 (last year's show, when I played Margaret "Molly" Brown or 1951 (the 2011 episode, when I masqueraded as Ethel Merman, an unlikely Denver housewife married to Bob Six, president of Continental Airlines). Tonight, the year is 1973, and Judy Collins will make an appearance -- sort of.

In '73, the Equal Rights Amendment was still being debated, our president insisted that he was not a crook, and singer Collins, East High School class of 1957, graced the cover of Ms. Magazine.

And yes, this time I'm playing Judy Collins -- who definitely deserves better (and will get it later this year, when she's inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, see below). "Send in the Clowns," indeed.

In stark contrast to my abysmal performance are star turns by host Dominic Dezzutti as Charley Martin; David Kopel as his father, state legislator Jerry Kopel; Kevin Flynn as Al Nakkula, the Rocky Mountain News cop reporter who had a five-decade tenure at the paper; and Dani Newsum as a fictitious performer known as Crystal, who leads the panel in song.

Judy Collins on the cover of 1973 Ms.
The shows are produced by Dezzutti and Larry Patchett, who's also the head researcher -- and his exhaustive look at the history of the period (see some of that research here), as well as the crew's attention to detail (don't miss the circa-1973 Colorado Inside Out typeface or the chairs appropriated from a staffer's parents for the seating) have been rewarded with numerous regional Emmy nominations. The show has won several times, and last year's 1912 edition is up for another award this month.

But the Colorado Time Machine isn't all about looking back: As a special web exclusive, tonight, we also take a look at the political landscape in 2025. A hint: It's not pretty. Tune into Channel 12 at 8 p.m. tonight for the trip back to 1973, and then catch the future on the web.

1973 CIO panelists Charley Martin, Judy Collins, Jerry Kopel, Crystal and Al Nakkula.
Continue for more about Judy Collins and her upcoming induction into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

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