Six essential resources for living off the grid in Denver

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This week's feature points out that for those living off the grid, the world is full of free stuff -- and freedom.

At the heart of the radical movement is an emphasis on community -- because it would be difficult to maintain a lifestyle of conversation, creative projects and no cash if it weren't for an integrated system of trading information and resources. While there are always new projects springing up (and closing down) within the community, here are six of the more consistent, essential resources in Denver.

Bike Pit

Once known as Derailer, Bike Pit continues the tradition of offering bicycle repair and education, and will even help you build your own bike from scratch from its vast collection of donated bicycle parts -- all free of charge. Bike Pit is located at 411 Lipan Street; check out the Bike Pit Facebook page for more information and to view the schedule for bike repair, bike building, and women and trans night.

Food Not Bombs

Gathering surplus food from grocery stores, markets and bakeries -- food that would otherwise be discarded -- this anarchist collective prepares large meals and packs up boxes of groceries for the needy. The meals are often vegan and nut-allergy friendly, and are always free of charge. FNB serves meals at Sunken Gardens Park at 4 p.m. every Saturday, and in Civic Center Park at 4 p.m. every Wednesday. Visit the Food Not Bombs website for more information.

Continue to keep counting down the six essential resources for living off the grid in Denver.

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If you just want to get of the power grid making your own green and free electricity, and not a complete hobo :-P like this article suggests here is a guide for you 

fishingblues topcommenter

The article's title should have been:  "How to become a worthless, parasitic, free-loading street derelict."  Way to go WW.  Let's encourage more bums that leech off of the established system while offering nothing in return.  In addition to living and eating out of garbage cans, they don't bother with hygiene (Did you ever smell one?), shit on the street, throw trash everywhere and have nothing but disdain for any laws that hold together a civilized society.  

Yeah, let's glamorize the lifestyle.  That shows a lot of class.  

Esteban Peralta
Esteban Peralta

Great information. Thanks. Makes up for that dumb article you guys wrote on MTV's feature about Denver's music scene.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@fishingblues Memorable post, fishingblues. We're going to highlight it as an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks.

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