Marshall Tresslar injured after police dog rips him from hiding place -- inside a couch
So you're wanted by police and cops are heading to your place. What do you do? Run out the door? Jump through a window? Or -- here's a radical thought -- simply raise your hands over your head and surrender? Not Marshall Tresslar. The Colorado Springs man came up with an idea that was outside the box, by hiding inside his couch.

A brilliant idea, or a schmucky one? No doubt it seemed like the latter when the police dog the cops brought with them sunk in his teeth....

What led to this chewy encounter? At 12:49 a.m. Wednesday, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department, a K-9 unit responded to an apartment on the 4600 block of Hinsdale Way. El Paso County Sheriff's deputies were already at the scene, having been sent on a mission to apprehend a suspect -- Tresslar, who'd reportedly racked up a meth charge supplemented by a failure-to-appear-in-court count.

Law enforcers made what the CSPD describes as "numerous announcements" at the apartment before entering it without a specific invitation. At that point, the police dog accompanying the humans on hand alerted to the couch.
Not the actual couch -- because something other than a bedbug was inside....
More announcements followed, after which the deputies pulled the couch away from the wall -- but no one was behind it.

The crew members didn't give up, though. Instead, they flipped the couch over, exposing its bottom. Shortly thereafter, the dog found and contacted Tresslar inside it.

What's "contacted" mean in this context? Well, after the dog pulled him out of the couch, Tresslar was transported to a local hospital due to injuries he sustained when being forcibly removed from the furniture.

Think of him as the delicious treat hidden inside a couch-sized dog toy. Good boy!

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That is cruel and unusual punishment. Innocent until found f*cking guilty.

RobertChase topcommenter

So you're a K-9 officer and your dog detects a suspect hiding inside a couch.  What do you do?  Allow the dog to attack the suspect?  Here's a radical thought -- you could prevent your dog from attacking whoever is in the couch and order them to come out.

Michael, I know that the Federal government has suspended the Fourth Amendment -- is that why you make no mention of a warrant to enter the premises?  Did CSPD have one, or not?


@RobertChase" I know that the Federal government has suspended the Fourth Amendment"

May I ask why we obey the federal government on this but not the marijuana laws?


@RobertChase "failure-to-appear-in-court count" = Warrant for FTA.

This is a bench warrant. The no knock warrant is that!

It is used when a known risk of serious harm to the officers or the likelihood that evidence of crime will be destroyed.

Seems the boys in blue (and brown) unlearned the most people.

Either way police officers can not enter homes without consent from the owner.

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