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Blue Dream from Karmaceuticals.
The other problem I kept running into was that everything smelled exactly the same: skunky wet hay with a spraying of nutrients on the side. The lower down I got on the shelves, the more I noticed a pungent chemical/turpentine blast with every sniff of hot air from jars like the Mango, Goat and Green Crack.

It probably had something to do with the temperature of the jars themselves, which were baking in the 95 degree-plus oven. By the time I was through the first twenty or so strains, I started to think Karmaceuticals might be the first shop that I walked out of empty-handed. Which sucks, as reviews online of the place had been just short of stellar.

Instead, I opted for the budtender's pick of the MTF and the Blue Dream -- the most strain-distinct-smelling buds I could find with any substance to them. The Thunder Fuck turned out to be the better of the two, with a more pronounced sugary smell and flavor. It did snap, crackle and pop when lit in a bowl and smoked harsher than this usually smooth strain can. Potency wasn't off the charts, but it certainly packed a solid little buzz for an hour and a half or so before quickly wearing off.

I managed to take the few buds left in the stock jar of Blue Dream home with me, but after breaking them up, the light, fluffy, airy flowers crumbled into shakey bits just the same. Every now and then, I got a hint of the trademark Blue Dream lavender tone, but the buds also had a powerful cedar smell. That could either be due to some genetic craziness going on or actual cedar oil, which can help clear up gnat problems in a garden. Like the MTF, the Blue Dream had the same Rice Krispies thing going on when smoked, but with little of the soothing, rich smoke that Blue Dream has for me.

As for concentrates, the shop did win a Cannabis Cup for its butane-extracted Gucci Earwax. But don't expect to see any of that on the shelf. Instead, it was $35 grams of mid-grade wax and $20 grams of stuff the center was trying to clear out. I opted for one of the cheap grams, if only to again demonstrate to myself why only the best waxes and oils are worth smoking. It smelled like a melted pool float and left a glob of disgusting black shit behind in my nail. I tossed it out after half a hit.

Blended BHO from Karmaceuticals.
By the time I left, my wallet was considerably lighter (I spent about $40) and so was my head, which had begun to thump uncontrollably. Overall, I like what Karmaceuticals is going for as a community one-stop for grow supplies and stuff to smoke while you wait for your own harvest. But the execution needs to come around to the idea. It's no doubt great for growers, and it's cool that the shop promotes growing your own and even sells clones. But that doesn't change the borderline-toxic odors wafting through the place or the mediocre, warehouse-quality buds on the shelf.

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I've been there, and was unimpressed with the place, the herb, and the professionalism of the staff. WB nailed it.


I have always had good luck with with Karmaceuticals, to bad you have to punch when they are trying to improve their place with construction.


I purchased Master Kush clones from  Karmaceuticals last year and brought them to flower -- they were quite excellent. Upon returning to the store, I was stuck by several unpleasant and unprofessional aspects of their business model and customer service approach:

1. The Master Kush clones that I had harvested and cured were vastly superior to the stock of the same plant/bud they sold on the shelf. The difference was so severe that for a few moments I wondered if they had given me another strain to grow: theirs was scrubby, leafy and nothing that I would ever pay money for. And yes, it was improperly cured and smelled of hay. If I had seen that before grabbing those clones I never would have brought them home. Their growers need training.

2. The woman who called herself the "clone mistress" did not wash or sterilize her hands after going outside to smoke a cigarette and before handling the clones, nor did she ask me to do so (I don't smoke....but I did just walk in). When I requested hand sanitizer she looked at me as if I was speaking French. Apparently no one at Karmaceuticals has ever heard of tobacco mosaic virus. For those of you also clueless -- don't smoke tobacco and garden. Hell, you shouldn't be smoking tobacco at all!

"The most common method of transferring the virus from plant to plant is on contaminated hands and tools. Workers who transplant seedlings should refrain from smoking during transplanting and wash their hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water. Tools used in transplanting can be placed in boiling water for 5 minutes and then washed with a strong soap or detergent solution. Dipping tools in household bleach is not effective for virus decontamination. Any seedlings that appear to have mosaic symptoms or are stunted and distorted should be removed and destroyed. After removing diseased plants, never handle healthy plants without washing hands and decontaminating tools used to remove diseased plants."

Obviously, I will not be purchasing clones from them again any time soon. They seem to be nice people and I wish them luck but they really need to work on their operation. 


this store is a crap store. This review was spot on from what I experienced. It's hard to excuse ALL the crap going on compared to just a few problems. This is on par with emerald city organics and lucky777 in the hay smell and crap taste experience.

William Breathes
William Breathes

And my reviews have nothing to do with who does or doesn't advertise with the paper

William Breathes
William Breathes

That's what was disappointing for me, Julie. People seem to really like the place, but I just wasn't impressed with the quality when I stopped by

Julie DonCarlos
Julie DonCarlos

They must have decided not to advertise or something. This review is way off base from my experience.

Francisco Sebastian
Francisco Sebastian

I say this is the best developed dispensary i've been into for a while, it seem like they are always upgrading! you cant sucker punch/review a place when its in the middle of a construction, soon it will blow all other dispensaries out of the water any day. Changes are coming.


@buddytending10I call total horseshit on your "hit 'em when their down" critique. It is a perfectly legitimate review: I have, as stated below, visited the shop a few times during the past two years and have found it to be exactly the way described above. Karmaceuticals has had these issues for quite awhile.

I will bet $ to donuts that at least half of the reviews here that say "whoa, lay off buddy!" were written by employees or friends of the shop.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@reeferaddict ... Lowlife Tobacco-sucking Addicts ain't the sharpest tacks in the box ... and care of nothing but their next nicotine fix.

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