Reader: Stars of mountain lion video narrowly missed winning a Darwin Award
Yesterday, we posted footage shot by a Salida man who approached a mountain lion inside an open garage. Comments from this much-viewed post ranged from suggestions that the cat wasn't large enough to do much real damage to amazement that these guys got away unscathed. Here's one of the funniest examples of the latter.

Joe McQuillen writes:

Swing and a miss for Darwin.

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Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts

Your second class education must not have taught you to count.

Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts

Who cares about the money his is scamming or the ILLEGAL immigrant races that are taking from U.S.? You may not care if you are a second class citizen to CRIMIGRANTS, but I have had enough!

Eric Smiles
Eric Smiles

I read the first 35 pages then died from boredom. Although I do believe that he's a racist pig and needs to be in prison...

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