One dead in shooting on 3200 block of South Glencoe (6)

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Photos and more below.
The Fourth of July weekend was mostly peaceful in the Denver metro area.

Unfortunately, an exception took place late last night. And it proved fatal.

One person is dead after a shooting on South Glencoe Street in Denver.

Below, we've got the information released to date by the Denver Police Department -- but the details are sketchy.

Moments ago, we reached Sergeant Steve Warneke of the DPD's public-affairs bureau. He reveals that sometime in the 10-10:30 p.m. range last night, officers responded to a report of a shooting on the 3200 block of South Glencoe Street, not far from the East Eastman Avenue intersection.

"There was a party dead when we arrived," Warneke confirms.

A 9News photo from the scene.
At this point, the DPD isn't able to release identifying information about the victim, possible suspects or the circumstances that led to the lethal bullet being fired. However, Warneke does note that "there were several witnesses and a search warrant."

It's his understanding that investigators remain on the scene at this hour.

Look below to see an interactive graphic of the area near the scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

More American Gun MADNESS !!


You know the real news has already confirmed that the homeowner shot this idiot for breaking into his house right....... Doing what was 100% within the law of this state and also the main reason 99% of people have guns in the first place.......

Such shoddy reporting...


In comparison to Chicago.. that's not bad


@sean456 You do know that the 'real news' is now backing away from that claim.  Such shoddy commenting.

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