Photos: Ghost bikes in Denver and Boulder serve as haunting reminders

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Last week, Westword contributor Emilie Johnson wrote about the bright-white bicycle that has been resting against a sign at the corner of East First Avenue and Clayton Street, in Cherry Creek North, for the past seven months. It's one of several "ghost bikes" that have popped up in the Denver and Boulder areas over the past few years. "On November 7 of last year, Gelseigh Karl-Cannon was killed at that spot when, according to what witnesses told police, her bike hit the curb and she fell into oncoming traffic and was hit by a truck," Johnson wrote.

Emilie Johnson
The ghost bike for Gelseigh Karl-Cannon.

"The 23-year-old had just moved to Denver from New York. Now the painted bike...stands as a memorial to her, and as a way to heighten awareness of cyclists on the road," Johnson continued.

Sadly, hers isn't the only ghost bike in the area. The following pictures show several other ghost bikes that have been erected as monuments in Denver and Boulder over the past few years.

This bike commemorated Matthew Powell, who was killed in 2008 near Mapleton Avenue and 14th Street in Boulder.

Sam Levin
This ghost bike, at the intersection of Lincoln Street, Speer Boulevard and Sixth Avenue, honored Dan Peterson, who was killed in July 2012.

Continue reading for the stories behind a few more ghost bikes.

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GuestWho topcommenter

The bicycles blocking the sidewalks are a safety concern and should be removed.  I've never seen highway memorials placed in a manner where they blocked the road for obvious reasons.  Sorry for your loss but the middle of the sidewalk is no place for a memorial.

Gary Hogg
Gary Hogg

Nelson will be riding the ghost bike in no time. I'm hoping that this little idea will make bicyclist more aware of the traffic they choose to ride with. Colorado has absolute horrible drivers! That beeing said, If you choose to take that risk, who's fault is it really? Just because people think that other drivers ought to be more conscientious of you, doesn't necessarily mean that's the case. To be honest, bikers piss me off more than actual driver's. Why, you ask? Because most bikers who try riding with traffic, don't obey the laws of driving. Why don't they, you ask? Because they aren't actually in a motor vehicle. So they think that those rules don't apply to them. Thanks, guy that made this possible. You suck ass and don't live for the future. Just for the now. What a great idea you had! Too bad people are too fuckin dumb to make this happen. Common sense people! If you're riding with traffic, don't blaze through the red light and make us all watch that horrific event. Have some courtesy and run into a parked car. That would just be fun and exciting.


Here's an idea... Stay off of busy roadways and streets and you stay alive. There's too many idiot drivers on the roads not paying attention, texting while driving, etc. for bicycle enthusiasts to be riding with automobile traffic. Sometimes, it's unavoidable but other times it's not.

Sara Loraine Kephart
Sara Loraine Kephart

That's more dangerous for everyone. There's a reason the law for cyclists are to ride the same way as traffic. I've almost hit a person riding their bike the wrong way on Lincoln. Terrifying.

Nelson Pineda
Nelson Pineda

that's why i don't like riding with traffic, because i don't feel in control i always ride against traffic just in case anything happens i have options

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