Photos: Robert Griffin III marries local girl Rebecca Liddicoat in Colorado

More photos, video below.
It's hitching season for pro football players with Colorado connections.

Last week, we shared wedding and honeymoon photos of Broncos receiver Eric Decker and singer Jessie James. Now we've got images, a wacky wedding video and more from the Colorado nuptials of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat, who's originally from Boulder -- as well as details about how they got together while both attended Baylor University, where RGIII earned a well-deserved Heisman Trophy.

Here's the description of Liddicoat's first meeting with Griffin, as shared in Baylor's alumni magazine:

A photo of Griffin with the Heisman from his official Facebook page.
It was not exactly love at first sight when Rebecca Liddicoat, BS '10, met Robert in March 2009. A mutual friend arranged for them to meet.

"When I first met him, I thought he was a little weird," admits Liddicoat, a native of Boulder, Colo. who majored in biology and was president of CHI's Service Club. "I was a little nervous, and I asked him why he was wearing girls socks. He had on those weird socks he always wears," referring to the colorful apparel Robert often dons, featuring the likenesses of characters like Cookie Monster, SpongeBob SquarePants and Scooby-Doo.

"I was just getting out of a real bad relationship," Robert remembers. "I really wasn't looking to get into another one, but she rubbed me the right way. There's just something about Becca; she's all for me, and sometimes you need people in your life like that."
Liddicoat says Griffin was humble and funny, and the two soon began dating.
Fast forward to just after the weather delayed Baylor's Homecoming 2010 victory over Kansas State, which clinched Baylor's bowl eligibility. Griffin decided the night was ripe for a grand finale.

"After the game, all of our parents were there, but they had already left us before we left the stadium," says Rebecca. "Robert was acting kind of strange, driving slow. He was stalling and coming up with things to do, and he said we have to go to the indoor facility. I wasn't really expecting it. When we got there it was all dark, and then I realized something was happening."

Liddicoat says she and Robert have a special place on campus and she had always expected he would propose there, but the rain made the spot less appealing that night. As usual, Robert was prepared. He audibled to the Allison Indoor Practice Facility.
Inside the candlelit building, Robert retrieved the ring from his father, then crooned a ballad he had penned for the occasion, accompanied by a teammate with a guitar. Surrounded by their families, he took a knee and popped the question.

"It was really a happy moment. I was just all smiles," Liddicoat recalls.

Cut to Saturday, when Griffin and Liddicoat tied the knot. As noted by Bleacher Report, radio personality Rock Newman attended and snapped pics aplenty at the ceremony. Among the ones he shared on his Facebook page is this image of the ring exchange....

rebecca.liddicoat.robert.griffin.ceremony.jpg well as the couple's first post-marriage dance....
...and RGIII hitting the dance floor with his mom, Jackie.
Continue for additional photos from the wedding, plus a wacky video and more.

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Straighten out that hair RG!

Veronica Crowell
Veronica Crowell

That dude is ugly - she must be after his money. She should have watched the documentary "Broke" before she said I do.

Christian Collins
Christian Collins

Are u guys E entertainment now? WTF why am I looking at this?


She thought he was weird because of his Cartoon Socks? He must have seen something on her to  decide to marry her... *BOOBS*


 Native Denverite, but I live in DC.  I love the Broncos and hate the Redskins, but I think RGIII is an amazing guy.  Very smart, personable, and charismatic.  He never says anything even approaching stupid, much less does such. There is nothing bad that can be said about this kid!

As a Broncos fan, I have to admit that he endeared me to him (even more) when he stated in an interview that he grew up as a Broncos fan and idolized John Elway.  Too bad Elway didn't get an invite to the wedding.  Shanahan couldn't make that happen?


Where exactly was the ceremony/reception?  What hotel or reception venue?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

She must have married him for his looks ...

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

I thought TMZ had somehow appeared on my news feed... nope, just Westword covering E! material ;)


Seriously? Not as ugly as you. Inside or out. Shame on you.


@Veronica Crowell She was with him before he was an NFL player, before he was even a good college football player back in 2009.  If this was a recent engagement, I would side with you.  The man is a world class athlete, he graduated college in 3 years, and was pursuing his masters before he was drafted.  I guess looks are the only thing that matters now days.

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