Aurora survivor Stephen Barton on anti-gun violence and pro-gun rallies set for tomorrow
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Stephen Barton.
Dueling gun-related events -- one condemning gun violence, the other condemning "big-city gun-grabbers" -- are scheduled tomorrow in Colorado.

The first is sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns and will coincide with the anniversary of the Aurora theater shooting. The second "counter-rally" is being organized by the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. We spoke with Stephen Barton, a survivor of the theater shooting who will be on hand tomorrow for the gun-violence prevention rally, about what he expects.

Barton was on a cross-country bike trip with a friend when he stopped for the July 20 midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises at the Century 16 theater in Aurora. He was hit with shotgun pellets 25 times in the upper body, including in his face and neck. When he woke up in the hospital, he recalls mixed emotions.

"I felt like the least lucky person in the world to even be in that theater," Barton says now. "But I also felt like I was the luckiest person involved. I so narrowly avoided something that could have gone so much worse."

Twelve people died in the shooting and seventy others were injured. The event caused Barton to more deeply research gun violence and gun control and, thanks to help from his local senator in Connecticut, he was connected with Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
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Since September, Barton has worked full-time as an outreach policy associate for the coalition, which was formed in 2006 by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. In October, Barton filmed an ad urging the presidential candidates to address gun violence. But the political conversation didn't get serious until 26 children and staff members were killed in a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December. Barton had a personal connection to that tragedy, too: He grew up ten minutes from Sandy Hook.

The Newtown shooting "reminded me what exactly is at stake in this discussion," Barton says. "Sure, thirty-plus people are murdered every day, but those stories don't get headlines and they can become white noise for some people. The shocking nature of what happened in Newtown jolted people into action."

Since then, Barton has been working behind the scenes to lobby Congress to pass stricter gun control measures and has reached out to other survivors of gun violence to get them involved. He's also helped with the "No More Names" bus tour, which was launched in Newtown on the six-month anniversary of the tragedy there. Its goal is to point out that since Newtown, another 33 Americans have died from gun violence every day -- and to urge Congress to do something about it. Its scheduled to stop in 25 states in 100 days.

Tomorrow, it will stop at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora. The event begins at noon with a press conference featuring Barton and the family members of victims killed in both the Aurora and Newtown shootings. For the next twelve hours, community members will take turns reading the names of people killed by guns since Newtown. At 12:38 a.m. on Saturday, the exact time that the gunman entered the theater a year ago, organizers have planned a moment of silence to remember the victims who died.

Continue for more on Barton, as well as the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners' "counter-rally."

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Anti-gun violence, Mayors against illegal guns, those slogans make me laugh. Everyone can see it means anti-guns and Mayors against guns, but the use of the words illegal and violence fool the foolish into thinking support equals less illegal violence. Bloomberg should be a joke to more than just gun owners, he banned soda pop over 16 ounces and claimed it would reduce obesity. He also allows people (mostly black people) to be searched on the street for no reason. Obviously, the anti everything crowd not only fear things, they fear the people themselves and the choices they're allowed to make. Restricting, limiting or prohibiting my guns, magazines, right to privacy or soda pop will not make anyone safer, the only thing it does is make the impotent feel less impotent. To anyone paying attention, their grab for control looks more like a selfish and disrespectful vegetarian trying to ban meat, simply because they don't like it, and using the words violent slaughter to justify their intent to outlaw something with emotional manipulation.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

@0.509699492315 "Emotional manipulation..."  You mean just like how the rabid pro-gun douches say that the government is going to come into your living rooms, take your guns, and then pee on your carpet before leaving?

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